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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Re: native american persona

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  • donna clifton
    Ok my turn, I ve been watching my mail for day s, researching suggested sites, merchants, time periods. I m still researching putting together a costume of my
    Message 1 of 46 , Mar 13, 2007
      Ok my turn, I've been watching my mail for day's, researching suggested sites, merchants, time periods. I'm still researching putting together a costume of my own, but have yet to decide upon an acceptable identity. I've sat in silence. attached to my E-mail page is a link that will take you to my page on "My Space." attached to that on my "friends List, are 3 differing pages that could probably either help you with Indian History or lead you to how to find it. the "Traditional Indian Grandmothers" keep up with their own History, as well as the "Native Americans Share" site of the Cherokee Nation who on their page gives a good rundown on the "Trail of Tears" History. you can contact them and ask questions for anything else.

      Sharon Persley <firelizard67@...> wrote: Greetings~ I agree with Isabella. I will say that you are on an up hill battle. Most all books in print are written by "others". I am having a hard time finding research items for my discertation (spelling is off I know). I am finding that there is slim pickin' for authentic Native journals or any original inter. of a journal. Good luck! what time period are you looking to use ?

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      Re: native american persona Posted by: "rebeccaatthewell_2000" rebeccaatthewell_2000@... rebeccaatthewell_2000 Sun Mar 11, 2007 4:50 pm (PST) I studied North American Indians in College and I can tell you now
      you are in for a rough road. There is very little information on the
      indian culture of the middle ages (woodland indians) that is not
      through the very biased eyes of the spanish and others who
      encountered them. They had no written language and very few
      surviving relics so your persona would be mostly based on the
      perceptions of other cultures which looked down on the indians as
      savages. Good luck.

      --- In scanewcomers@ yahoogroups. com, Sara L Uckelman <liana@...>
      > Quoth "Howel ap Huws":
      > > Does anyone have an american indian personna. If so where did you
      > > the information to get started.
      > I don't, but I can offer some suggestions on the latter. What I
      > recommend is start off by reading history books which discuss the
      > early voyages to the New World, by the English, Spanish, and
      > These books will tell you what indingenous groups the travelers came
      > into contact, and from there you can look at books covering the
      > and cultures of those groups.
      > -Aryanhwy

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      Vine Deloria

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    • David Roland
      ... I have not been fully reading all the posts regarding this issue but I would like to draw attention to what the governing documents of the SCA has to say
      Message 46 of 46 , Mar 20, 2007
        --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "Karen Pate" <cym.lloyd@...> wrote:
        > Okay, the purpose of the SCA is to explore and reenact all facets of
        > European history to 1600. And I agree that people can participate in
        > Native American personas.

        I have not been fully reading all the posts regarding this issue but I
        would like to draw attention to what the governing documents of the SCA
        has to say on the subject of the purpose of the SCA.

        They can be found at:


        I draw your attention to page nine of the .pdf file entitle "A brief
        introduction to the Society for Creative Anachronism"

        The expressed purpose of the SCA as delineated in this document is that
        we are an educational organization devoted to the study and the Middle
        Ages and the Renaissance.

        Further down the page it expressly states that any time previos to the
        17th century and most of the world can serve as a source for pesonal

        While it does express that the core of what we do is fairly euro-
        centric and the further away one's studies wander from that the more
        likely one is to be more an dmore unique nowhere in the document does
        it state that the main purpose of the SCA is to study European History.

        At one point in time this may have been true but it seems to me that
        this is no longer true.

        My humble observations.

        Ian the Green
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