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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Alternative Knee/Elbow Armor?

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  • Cailin Mac Kinnach
    Well bob, I d spend at least the first six fighter practices wearing hockey shoulder pads. There s two reasons for this. 1. You re going to get hit in the head
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 4, 2007
      Well bob,

      I'd spend at least the first six fighter practices wearing hockey shoulder
      pads. There's two reasons for this.

      1. You're going to get hit in the head and shoulders. The head won't hurt at
      all if you've done your helmet up right.. But the shoulders can hurt like
      the dickens. Plus, it takes surprising little pressure to break collar
      bones, or so I've been told. I have broken mine once myself, but I did that
      falling out of bed. >.< The hockey shoulder pads provide excellent
      protection for your first practices. I've taken all manner of shots durring
      my first weeks in armor, and was none the worse for the wear.

      2. People will know you're new, and shift into training mode. Depending on
      the size of your area, this may not be as big a concern. We've got a
      largeish barony around here, so I'm always seeing new faces at fighter
      practice. There's a certain amount of danger in looking too good in the
      beginning: People will treat you accordingly, which could be detremental.
      There's nothing wrong with looking like a garage sale man at arms at first,
      since people will help you ramp up. By all means, don't stay there, but
      don't be affraid to start there.

      Hockey shoulder pads can be had at most used sporting goods stores. I got
      mine for 15 bucks. They now adorn my pell, and act as targets, as I've moved
      on to stainless pauldrons. Some nights I fight without them. I don't get
      hit in the shoulders much at all anymore, so I took them off for speed. But
      thats a risk I chose to take, and never would have done so my first nights

      Another thing I would recomend looking into is a good pair of cuisses. These
      are essentially gambesons for your thighs.They're a nice light alternative
      to splinted leg armor, or plate leg armor. Basically, You can wear them
      under baggy pants, and attach either of those cops I showed you in my
      previous e-mail to them. Also, if you or anyone you know have reasonable
      sewing skills, you can make them your self. Alot of guys around here are
      using them and seem to be happy with them.

      The other thing to pay attention to is the quality of your vambraces. One
      solid shot to a bad vambrace/gauntlet can ruin your night. I use a heavy
      leather vambrace with three steel splints over a gambeson, and it has done
      nicely for me.

      One thing I see alot of people do that I would stay away from is steel toed
      boots. Some of these guys are huge, and weigh enough to cave in a steel toe
      boot on your toes. It hurts like hell from what I've observed. One friend of
      mine in ansteorra actually had to be cut out of her boots.

      Hope this helps!


      On 3/4/07, incomprehensible_bob <jesusbassist@...> wrote:
      > Hey,
      > I am going with 9th century Anglo-Saxon. I don't intend to go very
      > lightly armored, I just want something that can be well hidden. I am
      > going to have a well padded gambeson with a piece of thick leather
      > sewn into it for kidney/lower spine/rib protection. I also have good
      > shin guards. I have been to one practice, but haven't faught yet. This
      > Thursday will be my first try at it. Other that the obvious, (helm,
      > knees, elbow, groin, etc..), is there anything else you might think
      > I'd need?

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