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  • pam
    Dear Dylan, I am not a fighter but my boyfriend was for many years and is getting back into armor for this upcoming Estrella War. I asked him to reply to your
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      Dear Dylan,
      I am not a fighter but my boyfriend was for many years and is
      getting back into armor for this upcoming Estrella War. I asked him
      to reply to your request for armor information. This is what he had
      to say:

      Greetings Dylan;

      It's not patriotism that makes me avoid buying the inexpensive
      foreign made armor. If I am going to entrust my life to my armor, I
      want to make sure that its been made for how I'm going to use it.
      Chances are the folks in Pakistan, or other places, who are knocking
      together bits of wall hanger armor made from metals of uncertain
      history, have never heard of the SCA. Relatively few people in the
      world are even aware that we engage in full speed, full contact
      martial arts with clubs, often in groups of 1000 or more people at a

      There is good armor, and there is cheap armor. In the past 20
      years, I have yet to find good, cheap armor. Good armor costs
      either time or money. It's up to you which you want to invest. If
      you have the time, you can build your own. Talk to the other
      fighters in your area, and see who is building their own armor and
      ask them for help. Many of them will be more than willing to teach
      you how to make your own. If you keep track of the time and
      materials you use to make each piece of armor, and multiply your
      time by what you consider a living wage, you will probably be
      surprised by what that armor is worth.

      If you have more money than time, and some people actually do, you
      can buy what you need. Not all armorers have Internet web sites
      either. Probably your best source of information will again be
      other fighters in your area. Visit the local fighter practice and
      ask them about their armor, especially if you see something you
      like. You will probably find one or more people who make armor
      locally for sale. Whether your armorer is on-line or local, make
      sure you find out what kind of a reputation he has. I know of a few
      who can work wonders with metal, but have a hard time meeting
      production schedules. The local fighters will know and will let you
      know as well, who can be depended on and who can't. If at all
      possible, meet your armorer.

      If you can at all manage it, go to a war, and visit the merchants
      there. The bigger the war, the better. The competition insures the
      best prices, and you can actually see and handle the merchandise.
      You can also talk to the merchants about their products, and about
      their competition. It's amazing what you can learn.

      In the last few weeks I have been dealing with Windrose Armoury


      for a new helmet, pauldrons, and gorget. I have been quite pleased
      with their products and service. They are not cheap, but their
      quality is outstanding.

      Good luck to you.
      Father Michael (Eskalya))
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