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  • Maria
    It seems relatively period and I don t see the thing about the sleeve seams but then I only took a quick look at the pattern front and didn t really look at
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      It seems relatively period and I don't see the thing about the sleeve seams but then I only took a quick look at the pattern front and didn't really look at the whole pattern. It also looks relatively simple. I'd say go for it. The Gate's of Hell is really well designed. I wear them all the time and they are pretty simple to design but sometimes can be hard to make if you buy the wrong pattern. (I got one pattern once for a Surcoat that has a train and is really full - you really have to match patterns on the material if you're making it with a patterned material or it looks funny but it's a relatively simple pattern to make other than that.)

      I say have fun and go for it.

      In Service to the Dream,
      Lady Elizabeta Maria dei Medici
      Maria Buchanan
      Hospitaler - Barony of the Stargate
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      Cym's comment about using commercial patterns reminded me that I have been
      staring at the Burda 7977 pattern for some time now, with thoughts of
      making it up into a nice simple outfit for summer. It is a kirtle with
      surcoat, that someone on the SCA-Garb list called the "gates of hell"
      surcoat. It is listed as Easy to make (2 out of 4 dots).

      Other than a few minor historical quibbles, it looks rather accurate to the
      people on SCA-Garb, which is why I bought the pattern as I've not made a
      gown like this before (my usual period is Tudor). I believe someone stated
      that the kirtle should be more form fitting, and sleeve seam rotated, but
      that isn't required by any means.

      I found my copy of the pattern at my local Joann's, and I know doing a
      google search that there are online stores that carry it as well.


      Joane Silvertoppe
      B. Nordwache, K. Caid
      mka Kimiko Small, Fresno, CA, USA
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