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[SCA Newcomers] Re:A probably standard message of introduction and questions

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  • David Roland
    You re welcome! I just want to clarify real quick. DO care about them. It is important to know what the differences are. Just don t worry about them and
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 17, 2006
      You're welcome!

      I just want to clarify real quick. DO care about them. It is
      important to know what the differences are. Just don't worry about
      them and when people ask you what's up? Just say its another area
      of interest and then, cuz they asked, talk to them about it.

      Just don't worry about reconciling them. And, I generally recommend
      to try to wear garb that is more or less within the same culture and
      time period as much as you may. IE avoid wearing a tunic and
      aspects of traditional korean clothing at the same time.

      On the other hand...

      at an event yesterday my apprentice sister and I held a workshop on
      making period ink. Very fun but we did it outside on the lakeshore
      and the wind was blowing. If you weren't in the wind, it was very
      pleasant, in the wind you were definately cold.

      She had decided to wear her viking garb that day, smart choice as
      viking garb is generally warm. But the only head covering she had
      was 14th century Southern French. After about an hour she put it on
      and mentioned how the two didn't go together. Nobody faulted her,
      it was cold and that was a pragmatic answer. When we went inside
      she took it off and when we were on the leeward side of the building
      out of the wind she also didn't wear it.

      Remember to have FUN in the SCA and that we are about exploring our
      interests by doing! I don't recommend putting your varying
      interests of cultures and time periods into a blender and mixing
      them that way. I do recommend that you explore all of them and if
      they are seperated by time and vast amounts of space then DO Them,
      just don't MIX them at the same time.

      Ian the Green
      Province of Tree Girt Sea
      Region of the Midlands
      Middle Kingdom

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Elizabeth Cember
      <sapphire_chan@...> wrote:
      > So the way to reconcile the discrepancies is to not care about
      them? I like this man's ideas. = )
      > Thank you!
      > Elspeth
      > "I slept and dreamt that life was joy,
      > I woke and saw that life was duty,
      > I acted and behold, duty was joy"
      > -- Rabinranath Tagore
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