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Let's Dance : - )

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  • tsmith_99_1966
    Greetins Milady Woood ya like ta dance? A am glad ta hear ya got yer first sword. Congrats! A look forward to seein ya perform in combat
    Message 1 of 2565 , Feb 5, 2001
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      Greetins Milady<br> Woood ya like ta dance?<br>
      A'am glad ta hear ya got yer first sword.<br>
      Congrats! A'look forward to seein ya perform in combat
      someday.<br> A'am sure ya are a skilled warrior :)<br> When ya
      win yer first fight, let's do a victory dance. Ya can
      see me comin. I'll be the one wearin the kilt :)<br>
      Train well. Fight well. Victory twill be yers milady.
      Till next time....<br> Carpe Deum<br> Sheridan
    • bubdog101
      Message 2565 of 2565 , Dec 6, 2003
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        --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, jfreak_99_16 wrote:
        > Brand New to SCA<br>I haven't even been to an
        > event yet. Except for the onen heavy fighting practice.
        > I have no idea how to get started<br><br>JF
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