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Re: [SCA Newcomers] First Meeting

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    In a message dated 11/26/2006 12:31:49 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, otobnluv@yahoo.com writes:
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      In a message dated 11/26/2006 12:31:49 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      otobnluv@... writes:

      <<I would like to get to the 4 Dec meeting but was wondering if that
      would be a good first exposure? Do you wear garb? What goes on a
      a "business meeting"?>>

      Business meetings are where the business end of the SCA - the mundane end,
      you might say - gets discussed. It will usually include officer's reports,
      discussions of how recently run events went and what needs to change/stay the
      same, and planning for future events and activities. It may also include
      discussions about what to use group funds for, what stuff the local group needs
      and how to get it, and so forth. It doesn't often have a lot to do with the
      medieval end of things, but it can help you locate and get introduced to the
      archery marshall, rapier marshall, etc. As to whether or not garb is worn,
      that depends on the local group. In my 17 years or so, my local group has gone
      from meeting at the local Chamber of Commerce in garb, to meeting in
      members' homes not in garb, and we're now meeting in a local privately-owned used
      bookstore with garb encouraged.

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA

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