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Re: Persona / Garb / Accesories Question (kind of long)

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  • Rob
    Greetings Ok so merchant / trader is an option. As far as Elves go, I d prefer a Gnome they can get into small holes to hide =) (just kidding, well kinda, they
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 12, 2006
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      Ok so merchant / trader is an option. As far as Elves go, I'd prefer
      a Gnome they can get into small holes to hide =) (just kidding, well
      kinda, they can) I actually want to keep it simple in a way. I just
      would really like to incorporate cotton into my garb. As well as
      some more decorative items. Cotton is easy to come by and less
      expensive than most other materials for me as a beginning sewer .
      And as far as the rest of the items, I would just like to have a
      persona with a little more diversity with the garb/weapons and
      items. I wouldn't mix times lines, just regions and of course
      nothing that wasn't plausible. If my persona was from the 1300's I
      wouldn't have a 1500 item or garb. And wouldn't have an item that
      was from Mexico or as mentioned Japan if the region wasn't known at
      the time. But having an English back ground but Viking garb or
      Middle Eastern is acceptable than this is more of what I was trying
      to say. I am just horrible at trying to explain through forum's. I
      am aware that Vikings mostly wore wool. Also if I happened to be a
      trader or traveling merchant wouldn't I have been able to barter for
      some of these more rare or expensive materials, such as silk and
      cotton? I posted in the garb section about cotton as garb but posted
      this here to get some mixing Garb thought's from people with more
      knowledge on the subject.

      The replays are welcomed and I that you all for them. As I have
      mentioned this is all new and I would not want to end up looking
      like the village fool (to late =D) Just curious as to what is
      acceptable and what is more nonsense than anything.

      Thank You All Again
      Robert the village fool that fell asleep in a wagon and ended up in
      the Middle East =)
    • johnwylekin
      This was an outstanding explanation, and thank you, Brangwayna. I ve been thinking a lot about SCA clothing and accoutrements, etc., and your explanation
      Message 2 of 4 , Nov 14, 2006
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        This was an outstanding explanation, and thank you, Brangwayna.
        I've been thinking a lot about SCA clothing and accoutrements, etc.,
        and your explanation helped clarify the ambiguity of many, many SCA

        For personal reasons I am sticking with my name since both the first
        (Christian) name and surname were around the time period (1100-1200
        AD) I've been looking at, only the surname was a different spelling.

        These past two years have been a renewal for me in many ways, and I
        think carrying my "real-life" persona into SCA would be perfect. I
        know many think this is uncreative, but my only sophisticated
        defense and explanation can be "it works for me."

        My family was primarily Norman it seems (I've only just begun to
        research this and have more general info. rather than specific), and
        the name showed up in it's earliest form in Germania.

        Can anyone recommend good genealogy/ancestry sites? And I apologize
        for not throwing common SCA terms around, because, well... I'm new
        to SCA!

        Thanks again Brangwayna!

        Good luck to all new and veteran SCAndals.

        I've sent inquiry emails to Ansteorra/Steppes contacts, and haven't
        received replies yet. If there is anyone in that kingdom, give me
        a shout and let me know your experience here so far!


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        > drunken-savage@... writes:
        > <<My question is, as far as authenticity goes? If I were to say
        > my persona was of English decent but wore garb from materials not
        > common to England at the time, would that be "period"? Of course
        > long as the cloth was around at the time. Could my persona have
        > a traveler or kinda like a hermit that just moved around a lot
        > place to place? ..
        > The only garb rule in the SCA is that you have to wear an attempt
        > clothing from before 1600. There is no rule saying that al lof
        your clothes and
        > accessories must be from the same culture and time. By trying to
        keep to one
        > time period, if not one culture, you'd be doing better than many
        folks old and
        > new alike. Items from other cultures WERE usually available in
        very small
        > quantities and very expensive. For instance, someone in England
        might have had
        > silk clothing pretty much any time after the first Crusade, but
        they would
        > have paid through the nose for it. Same with Egyptian cotton.
        > I myself am far more authenticity minded than the average
        Scadian. For me,
        > it's NOT an attempt at medieval clothing if you have knowingly
        > things that were highly unlikely to be combined - for instance, a
        13th century
        > Japanese sword with 13th century English clothes - there was no
        contact between
        > the two cultures in the 13th century and the chances of a
        Japanese sword
        > making it's way to England would be vanishingly rare. On the
        other hand, the
        > chances of a 13th century Middle Eastern sword making its way
        back from the
        > Crusades would be much higher. I still wouldn't combine the two
        personally, but
        > it's at least historically plausible.
        > Of course, these standards apply only to me. One of the beauties
        (and in
        > some ways, one of the downfalls) of the SCA is that each person
        gets to decide
        > how far along the continuum to authenticity is the right place
        for them.
        > Brangwayna Morgan
        > Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
        > Lancaster, PA
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