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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Early Italian Ren

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  • Susan B. Farmer
    ... Hey, Chris. Them menopause moments will get you every time! How early, and *where* Florentine and Venetian can be radically different. Bella has some
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29, 2006
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      Quoting Chris Catalfamo <chriscat53@...>:

      > I think I may have asked this before and didn;t get an answer, or
      > maybe it was to another list. (menopause moment). What is the best
      > source/pattern for early Italian Ren? I need to make my daughter a
      > ball dress for Pennsic. I have a choice of two silks at home now, a
      > bright blue and a "black cherry" colored taffeta. I need to find
      > coordinating fabirc for an overdress and am not entirely sure what
      > kind of fabric should be used for what part of the gown. Damask
      > outer and solid under?
      Hey, Chris. Them menopause moments will get you every time!

      How early, and *where* Florentine and Venetian can be radically
      different. Bella has some images of relatively early Venetian
      (starting 1490s) here ...

      Jen Thompson has some cool Florentine paintings here starting 1475 here

      Bella's galleries will take you up to 1600; Jens to 1575.

      Patterns? Most of the Big 3 patterns are ok. You'll need to take out
      the darts. Simplicity has one that's almost a dead ringer for a Durer

      The only close-to-authentic pre-made pattern that I know of is one by
      Medieval Miscellanea (Aka Period Patterns) but I don't know how well
      it sews up or how well it's sized. I do know that you should throw
      the directions away.
      several folks sell them including Pillaged Village, Amazon Dry Goods, etc.
      This place
      has them too.

      I don't remember now, what your pattern-drafting skills are, but you
      might be interested in these two web pages


      I can be tacky (and funny!) and say if you're "only" wanting it for
      *Pennsic* then any of the Big 3 will work, but I know that your
      authenticity standards are a tad higher than "generic Pennsic." (I
      also know many that go to Pennsic with extremely high authenticity
      standards, so don't think I'm slamming Pennsic, folks who go to
      Pennsic, etc. -- yeah, it's a paranoid morning!)

      If you're really into Italian (and I've got some Italian/Spanish links
      for you of dark women in portraits), you might want to join the
      Italian Ren List ...

      jerusha (feel free to contact me off-list if you'd like!)
      Susan Farmer
      University of Tennessee
      Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
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