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Re: [SCA Newcomers] The Dream - Just what is it?

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  • Col V.
    Greetings and Salutations! I ve been on this list for a few months now, just sitting on the sidelines watching the crowds go by. Lurking, if you will. Kept
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 27, 2006
      Greetings and Salutations!

      I've been on this list for a few months now, just sitting on the
      sidelines watching the crowds go by. Lurking, if you will. Kept
      meaning to introduce myself, never have.

      Jon Wolf's comments have given me pause - and some wonderful
      inspiration. Further reinforced by Justin's response (Hi, I'm not a
      spambot!) about positive list behaviour, particularly amongst

      So I thought now would be a good time to make myself known to all
      (though, some of you may know me from other lists), to tell you a bit
      about myself, and then share a semi-recent experience from the newbie

      {This might get a tad long, so if your interested in what I've got to
      say, you might want to grab a beverage of your choice first... <g>}

      I'm in Lochac, in the Proposed Shire of Radburne (mka Dubbo NSW) and
      have been "in" since Feb/March this year (Radburne started in Nov/Dec
      last year). My husband and I have been interested for years but never
      lived near enough to anything to make it worthwhile getting involved.

      I'm our group's Chronicler and Herald, I'm an Authorised Heavy,
      training to be a Marshal, my hubby's the Reeve (Exchequer/Treasurer -
      different labels amongst different Kingdoms, I've learnt) and I sort
      of share that hat with him (he's still training to be a Heavy - had a
      devil of a time getting armour to fit him!).

      We're still both researching names, places, eras, etc., so we have
      holding names for now...

      That's enough about that for now (feel free to pop up queries), onto
      my interpretation of The Dream. Permit me to tell of a moment-in-time
      that, for me, helped establish what the term 'living history' can
      really mean...

      The first *major* event that my hubby and I attended was in Easter
      this year - Rowany Festival, Lochac's biggest event of the year. We'd
      be "in" for less than a month and (apart from a small, local event
      the week we joined) we had no experience of what life in the SCA
      really was like.

      I remember standing on top of a little hill-ette with my beloved,
      looking down on the Festival site. It was midnight, there was a full
      moon; shades of grey, here and there rich colours could just be
      distinguished. There was no modern lighting, no harsh fluorescents.
      Apart from the moon, all was dark where there was not lighting from
      intermittent candles, oil-lanterns and a few very small fires.
      Shadows were deep. Before us stretched hundreds of tents of various
      shapes and sizes. Most were modern tents, but some were period-esque.
      Either way, in the light it didn't matter, *everything* looked
      historical - and you could *believe* that you were in another time.
      There was no noise of modern machinery, no noise of cars, no
      televisions, stereos, phones. Just the sounds of the night: insects,
      a few birds, a gentle breeze, and hundreds of acres of nature
      growing, breathing, living. There were about 1000 people on the site
      (from what I've been told), maybe half of them were asleep. The other
      half - they were laughing, drinking, singing, living. And no one was
      fighting... A few people out going to and fro, strange silhouettes
      in the night of clothing long past. Breath steaming in the Autumn
      air, cloaks swirling around frosty toes. Were there daggers? Only
      peace-strapped ones - but you could *believe* in stealthy manoeuvres.
      Every now and then, a muted clank as someone made a small adjustment
      to their armour, or tripped over it in the dark. All around the site,
      banners, flags and standards fluttered in the breeze. I kept
      expecting to hear the jingle of harness as a late-night coach pulled
      into the inn-cum-tavern. There was neither horses nor coach, there
      was no inn. The tavern was made of a modern canvas pavilion - but you
      could *believe!* I remember being overwhelmed by an indescribable
      sense of something... Awe? Wonder? Joy? I'm still not sure what it
      was. It was just the sights, the sounds, the smells - every sense was
      telling me that I was in another time. And yet I *knew* that barely
      60kms away was the capital of my country - a thriving, pulsing
      metropolis of the modern world. But I couldn't see it. I couldn't
      hear it or smell it. All that my senses were aware of was what was
      around me - it was another world, it was another time, and you could
      *believe...* It wasn't a dream, it was The Dream.

      It's a memory that has been acid-etched into my mind and I will
      always cherish it. Something wonderful is happening and I'm able to
      be a part of it. Damien and I may have been late to the party, but we
      made it at last and we're here to have a good time!

      Happy thoughts to all those we'll share it with,
      Col WhiteSpear (aka Col the Doll; mka Colleen V.)
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