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Re: [SCA Newcomers] The Don't Speach for all Newcomers

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  • Susan B. Farmer
    ... I ll second that irate-ness. If I knew that you were in my Kingdom (Meridies), I d make it a point to speak to the society seneschal and the king this
    Message 1 of 21 , Sep 4, 2006
      Quoting Iustinos Tekton called Justin <justin@...>:

      > On Sunday 03 September 2006 23:09, Daly wrote:
      >> You EARN the right to be an honored member of the SCA. You find
      >> your specialty, work hard to learn/develop it on your own, volunteer
      >> to help at every event and hope that some day your talents and
      >> efforts are noticed by someone more experienced who offers you an
      >> apprenticeship of some kind. Then, you will become a member of a
      >> guild/household and be accepted officially.
      > I will have a more reasoned response after my temper cools down, but right
      > now I am *furious* to hear that you were told such things. This is utter
      > nonsense! (I'm not angry at you, but whoever told you this. What a load
      > of garbage.)

      I'll second that irate-ness. If I knew that you were in my Kingdom
      (Meridies), I'd make it a point to speak to the society seneschal and
      the king this weekend (Coronation) -- that's the biggest load of crap
      I've seen since the fertilizer truck left us a load!

      I daresay that there's somebody from every kingdom on this list --
      maybe this post should make the rounds of the various Kingdom
      Seneschal's e-lists .....

      Susan Farmer
      University of Tennessee
      Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    • Signora Beatrice
      Greetings from Beatrice. As it has been a little while since this has graced the list, I figure I d post it again (I m hoping Ian won t mind), with a few extra
      Message 2 of 21 , Jun 2 1:58 AM
        Greetings from Beatrice.

        As it has been a little while since this has graced the list, I figure I'd
        post it again (I'm hoping Ian won't mind), with a few extra DON'T messages
        from me:

        DON'T sweat it. This is fun, people are generally nice, forgiving, and
        willing to help.

        DON'T take any ONE person's word for anything. There are a lot of myths
        out there, and even more mis-informed but well-intentioned people.

        DON'T take it personally if you have a bad experience. Sometimes, people
        have a bad day.

        DON'T be afraid to ask questions. No matter how "stupid" "silly" "basic"
        or "annoying" you thing they might be.

        *Evil grins* So, those of you not-so-newbies out there. Anything else
        you'd add to the DON'T list?

        --- David Roland <mystborne@...> wrote:

        > I feel the urge to give the Don't Speach again.
        > I'm the Chatelaine for a group in the Chicago Area known as the Grey
        > Gargoyles. And I give the Don't Speach often enough that the older
        > newcomers can probably quote me on it and I have often heard them
        > giving their own versions.
        > And this is what I say:
        > You're new to the SCA come check it out, find out what you like and
        > explore. You might find something you like that you never thought
        > you would. But a word of advice.
        > In your first year DON'T.
        > That's right DON'T.
        > DON'T register a name.
        > DON'T register a device.
        > DON'T join a household, guild etc.
        > DON'T attach yourself to someone as in an apprenticeship or squiring
        > or other such thing.
        > DON'T register your name. Once you have registered it you are more
        > or less stuck with it. Sure you can unregister it or change it but
        > once people are used to calling you something they're gonna keep on
        > calling you that name. Besides you might find a name or persona
        > that you think is cooler later on. Chill out try a few on and see
        > what sticks. Most newcomers in my experience change names a few
        > times before they settle on one.
        > DON'T register a device. Same reason as not registering your name
        > really.
        > DON'T Join a household, guild etc. Hang out with them, get the lay
        > of the land and the internal politics, have fun, get to know
        > people. IF they're cool now, great! But really if they're cool now
        > they'll be cool in a year just the same. You may find that you like
        > hanging out with them but don't really wanna join up. That's okay.
        > DON'T attach yourself. Those kinds of things in the SCA are viewed
        > as permanent and forever. Yes, you can get out of them but it is a
        > BIG deal when that happens and people will talk for years about it.
        > Take your time get to know what you really want to do and what the
        > person is really like and what their reputation is. Once you DO get
        > attached to a person you WILL ALWAYS be judged in that light and
        > will ALWAYS be associated that way. So know the person well before
        > you get attached as a squire or apprentice or other such thing.
        > Take your time, explore things and research them to your hearts
        > content.
        > And if anyone gives you any guff over not registering your name or
        > device, politely tell them to lay off.
        > I'm an apprentice and my Laurel has NEVER registered her name or a
        > device. NEVER. You simply are NOT required to do it and you should
        > wait around to see what you want to register for certain before you
        > do.
        > That's the Don't Speach.
        > Feel free to heckle or applaud. :-)
        > If you like it though, spread the word. There are plenty of stories
        > in the SCA of people having registered names or devices and wishing
        > they hadn't and being "stuck" with it. And even more stories of
        > having joined a household or guild and wishing they had spent more
        > time getting to know people and things before they had.
        > Ian the Green
        > Chatelaine - Grey Gargoyles
        > Region of the Midlands
        > Middle Kingdom

        In Service to Lioncourt Manor and An Tir,
        Signora Beatrice Domenici della Campana

        Boardwalk for $500? In 2007? Ha! Play Monopoly Here and Now (it's updated for today's economy) at Yahoo! Games.
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