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Re: [SCA Newcomers] A question for Newcomers! And others as well

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  • Willie Walter
    I ll take a stab at some of these! :-) I ve been playing about 4-5 years now and am also the Chatelaine for my local group, but I still tend to think of myself
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 10, 2006
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      I'll take a stab at some of these! :-) I've been
      playing about 4-5 years now and am also the Chatelaine
      for my local group, but I still tend to think of
      myself as a newcomer in many ways...

      --- David Roland <mystborne@...> wrote:

      > For you as a Newcomer:
      > What were the more difficult things to learn or
      > understand at first?

      How to distinguish the pointy hats and what to call
      them. However, having tried to present this
      information to someone who was brand-spanking new and
      watching his eyes glaze over, I've decided that it's
      something that can wait until someone's been to an
      event. Actually, I like presenting this information
      *at* an event, where I can *show* people a baronial
      coronet vs. a county coronet vs. a ducal coronet, etc.

      > What would you tell newcomers if you were the
      > "guide" to their new
      > SCA experience?

      If you see something that looks interesting--whether
      it's someone's outfit, something they're doing,
      etc.--don't be afraid to go up to them and *ask* them
      about it. Also, don't let the fact that you're "new"
      keep you from volunteering to help with things. I
      found one of the best ways to meet and get to know
      people was to volunteer to help out with a variety of

      > What did you get told that was useless and/or
      > confusing?

      The garb police urban legends. Honestly, I have not
      experienced that alleged phenomenon. I've heard from
      others who most definitely have, so I know it exists,
      but I just haven't seen it. I *have* seen it scare
      newcomers, though, to the point where they feel they
      can't attend an event until their garb is "just
      right," and it just *bugs* me.

      > What resources, if any, did you find usefull as a
      > newcomer? Can you
      > send me the links to them?

      This list! :-) Your kingdom's website. Check for local
      newcomers' lists as well: your kingdom, your local
      group (my Shire has a Yahoo!group specifically for
      newcomers, for example).

      > For you folks that have been around a while:
      > What things do you think Newcomers should know?

      How to smile and say "I'm new." :-) Seriously, I find
      that it opens doors.

      > What things to you think we can hold off on?

      See above re: pointy hats.

      One of the best things you can do for your newcomers
      is to ask them what sparked their interest in the SCA
      and what they hope to get out of it. It took me awhile
      to remember that. It will save you a lot of time and
      energy and keep them from being bombarded with
      information that may have *no* interest for them
      whatsoever--at least at the moment.

      Good luck! And if you haven't already done so, check
      out the SCA-Chatelaines list at Yahoo!Groups.

      Yours in service,
      Grainne ingen Lugdach
      Shire of Roxbury Mill

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