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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Children's Protective Gear

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  • Janet
    Whatever you should decide to do, I will make a request on behalf of the garb list and ask that you don t dress your daughter in the modern I Dream of Genie
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 5 4:27 PM
      Whatever you should decide to do, I will make a
      request on behalf of the garb list and ask that you
      don't dress your daughter in the modern "I Dream of
      Genie" type outfits. "Belly dancing" garb has been a
      hot topic on the garb list lately. Here are a few
      links for info that have been submitted on that list.
      Definately pick a culture and do a bit of research on
      it. Although it seems that most cultures wore some
      variation of pants, tunic and coat.

      Some interesting fact and fiction of belly dancing:

      Some do's and don'ts for middle eastern garb:

      A few coats and some headgear:

      A Scadian who belly dances in more authentic garb:

      Google the terms for any of the articles of clothing
      listed here and you should get pictures, directions,

      In service,

      > > On a side note, my daugther would like to begin
      > bellydancing and I'd
      > > need to garb her up to, so those patterns would be
      > appreciated.
      > > . . .my daughter is 7.
      > As far as I know, medieval women danced in the same
      > clothes they wore
      > when they weren't dancing. And in most places,
      > girls dressed
      > more-or-less as women did (though their clothes
      > might have been
      > simpler, or lacked specific garments associated with
      > adulthood or
      > motherhood). If you want to dress her
      > authentically, therefore, the
      > first step would be to pick a culture (Turkish,
      > Indian, Persian,
      > Egyptian, and Arabic women all did some version of
      > "bellydance", so
      > those are popular choices) and research the clothing
      > women of that
      > culture wore. The Atlantian A&S Links site has some
      > resources
      > <http://moas.atlantia.sca.org/wsnlinks/index.php?
      > action=displaycat&catid=272> to get you started.

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