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  • Oblique Red
    Raw silk is a lovely fabric, but it doesn t look like period silks, which were smooth rather than slubby. Modern tastes like slubby silks like shantung and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2006
      Raw silk is a lovely fabric, but it doesn't look like period silks, which
      were smooth rather than slubby. Modern tastes like slubby silks like
      shantung and dupioni, in part because the imperfections make it feel
      "handmade" to us. However, before clothmaking was automated, everything WAS
      handmade, and thus smooth, flawless silks were valued as evidence of their
      makers' skill.

      That said, raw silk (or silk noil) is a comfortable fabric with a lovely
      drape, and is easy to sew. It doesn't look like a period silk, but I use it
      as a substitute for rougher fabrics like linen or wool.

      From my experience you're going to have a difficult time getting the fabric
      for this project for under $50 unless you are flexible. Suggestions:
      1) As it's your first garb, wait a while on the silk and use a cheaper
      fabric. You *might* be able to find a sale on linen for $5 a yard or under,
      but it usually is more in the $7-8 range. Your best bets are to look on
      sale or remnant tables for something suitable, or just go with a cotton.
      Sometimes you can find a linen-rayon blend in the $3-4 range. It's not
      strictly period but rayon is a lot better than polyester. 100% cotton is
      going to give you the widest selection in this price range.
      2) only get enough silk to make the parts of your underdress that are going
      to show, or to trim bits of it.
      3) If you have a lot of time but not a lot of money, consider dressing up
      the look of a cheaper fabric like cotton with embellishment, such as
      embroidery. Adds a lot for not much money.
      4) Look for lots of suitable fabric on eBay.
      5) You can find good deals on habotai sometimes, but it's important to
      realize that a lot of habotai is intended to be linings and is REALLY thin.
      Like, see-through thin. If you are thinking of ordering a habotai, order a
      swatch first.
      6) if you succeed in finding a dress silk for $5 a yard, please tell me
      where you found it. :)

      Hope this helps.

      Margherita da Fiorenza

      On 22 May 2006 08:27:05 -0000, Message 4
      From: "Roger Franz" rwfranz@...
      Date: Sun May 21, 2006 10:28pm(PDT)
      Subject: Re: Need garb help

      Yes, with warnings.


      Not sure if that's what you're looking for or not. Raw silk tends to be
      a little rough, and may not be your first choice for your garments. You
      can order samples (and SHOULD!!!!) for 25 cents each to see if it's what
      you're wanting. 11 yard bolts come at a slight discount.

      They also have habotai -
      http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/1634599-AA.shtml - at various
      prices and weights.

      Amanda wrote:

      >and need alot of silk to make my dress. Everything I have been
      >finding is in the $15-$25 a yard range. I need somewhere around 10
      >yards for my under and over gown together but I only have $40-$50 to
      >work with. Is there silk out there for that kind of price?

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