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Appropriate Garb Materials

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  • David Roland
    The rules for the SCA are very good about stating that you need to make an attempt at period clothing. That is it. An attempt. I have 3 t-tunics. 2 of which
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
      The rules for the SCA are very good about stating that you need to
      make an attempt at period clothing.

      That is it. An attempt.

      I have 3 t-tunics. 2 of which were made for me. I paid for the
      fabric and the trim and the kind lady did the labor for free. I
      bought the 3rd t-tunic.

      NONE of the fabrics are period.

      I have 1 pair of pants that isn't sweats and yes, I've worn sweats
      to events as many in the SCA have. The pants aren't of period
      material either.

      I have a very cool looking cloak. Entirely modern materials.
      Though it is patterned off of a period cloak. It has Oak Leaf Dags.

      I always tell people in my position as Chatelaine that coming and
      playing is far more important than NOT coming and playing. Go
      figure. :-)

      If you can get material for $3 a yard or for $30 a yard it doesn't
      matter what the material is AT FIRST. You're new. The rules are
      very forgiving. Find something you like that is at least mostly
      period in color and/or patterns, (yes, pink is a period color,
      Bright pepto bismol pink at that. I find that there is ussually
      someone around that is willing to shoot off a T-tunic for a newcomer
      if the newcomer will buy the cloth.

      You will likely want to get away from the T-tunic rather quickly but
      you have something you can "play" with and that is what is important.

      Don't worry about the period "police." Just smile and nod, thank
      them for their advice and if you are particularly bold say something
      along these lines, "I thank you Lord/Lady for you wonderful advice.
      Would you be willing to give me something that is more period since
      you are so concerned?" But only if you are bold. :-)

      And remember, always be polite even if the person is being a jerk by
      lording over you the fact that they are more intelligent, better
      informed and generally cooler than you because they happen to be
      wearing clothing that isn't as advanced in its manufacturing as
      yours. :-)

      My socks are modern socks, my shoes are modern shoes.

      Certainly I wish to become "more authentic," as many do. And it
      will occur. But you pick the pace at which it occurs not anyone
      else. Remember you can't be banned from playing or kept away as
      long as you are trying.

      And this is about having FUN not about being perfect. Worry about
      that later when you have figured out what you are doing in the SCA
      and what you want to be doing in the SCA.

      On a side note... I wouldn't have joined a kingdom that was so
      restrictive about everyone having to be period on their fabric.
      First of all it isn't any fun and second of all it is against the
      rules. We call them the Corpora.

      So once again in summary.

      The best fabric to use WHEN YOU ARE STARTING OUT, is the cheapest
      nice looking stuff you can. Or perhaps the cost you can afford.

      Period fabrics are very cool! But not needed at first. I do
      reccomend heading that direction eventually but AFTER you know what
      you are doing in the SCA. Otherwise you end up having nice stuff
      you NEVER use.

      The rules say an attempt. So make one. Don't worry about
      the, "Period Police," and since their so concerned let them
      contribute to your wardrobe if they will. For free.
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