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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Name

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  • Kristine Elliott
    ... The place I would start is to look at the articles here: http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/irish.shtml . You can then ask Sharon Krossa via email more
    Message 1 of 14 , Apr 9, 2006
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      On 4/8/06, Brigette <Brigette.A.Jones@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > I'm Brighid, and that name is actually what's been giving me trouble,
      > and I'm hoping that maybe someone on here will be able to help me
      > figure this out. I'll lay out my persona and then see if anyone can
      > help me with my name dilemma. :-) And if this is too detailed for the
      > newcomers list maybe I could get some directions to a name-specific
      > group?... :-)
      > My persona so far is a fairly early period Irish woman who has spent
      > most of her life in Wales as a bard. I'm a very independent woman, as
      > a result of various points which aren't particularly relative to the
      > name but result in me not really having a patronymic surname, and
      > because, as a minor bard, I travel a lot, and without a big protective
      > retinue. Therefore, I have learned to fend for myself by fencing.
      > So...What I have managed to come up with, and have been using for now
      > on trial is the Welsh Brighid y rhyfelwraig brydydd which means
      > Brighid the warrior bard. I already think that I'll need to change it
      > to Mael Brighid... for technical purposes if I want it to be HC and to
      > avoid passing myself of as a goddess. ;-) I've also come to realize
      > that Brighid seems to be a later period spelling than I was trying for
      > with my persona, but I'm not sure, and also I just really like that
      > spelling. My other problems are that I don't really know whether this
      > name construction is appropriate (I think it is...-ish) or at least
      > appropriate enough for a person(a) in this particular situation--kind
      > of a reputation/livelihood-name. My other problem is probably a common
      > one I fear--no one is ever going to pronounce it correctly, and it's
      > very long and unwieldy-even for me.
      > I've considered two other changes, the first being Brighid to BrĂ­d,
      > which gives a clearer visualization of the pronunciation--but I really
      > like the Brighid, and already use that spelling a lot...The other
      > thing is maybe having Mael Brighid y rhyfelwraig brydydd be my entire
      > SCA name, and just switching between Brighid y Rhyfelwraig and Brighid
      > y Brydydd as the day turns... I know this has been a long post, but
      > I'd appreciate any input whatsoever. My area (K of East, Bar. of
      > Stonemarche, Incip. Coll. of the Knotty Crossing) has a lot of
      > Vikings, but not all too many Celts with developed personas(that are
      > within personal bugging distance anyway ;-) ) :-)
      > Many thanks,
      > Mael Brighid y Rhyfelwraig Brydydd

      The place I would start is to look at the articles here:
      http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/irish.shtml . You can then ask Sharon Krossa
      via email more specific questions. She often answers name questions on the
      SCAHeralds list.



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