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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Rampent Newbies & Garb police questions

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  • Iustinos Tekton called Justin
    ... Actually, when the Marche of Alderford was first forming, we were *all* newbies (literally! -- my lady and I had been to Pennsic a couple of times but
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 15, 2006
      On Wednesday 15 March 2006 09:40, Tia wrote:
      > I too could be described as a Rampant Newbie *l* In My first 6
      > months of being an SCA member I got elected as the First Chatelaine
      > of our Shire!

      Actually, when the Marche of Alderford was first forming, we were *all* newbies
      (literally! -- my lady and I had been to Pennsic a couple of times but never
      actually played in a real shire before, and that made us the most experienced
      members of the group). Our Chatelaine was not only brand-new to the SCA, but
      also very shy personally.

      As it turned out, she did a phenomenal job, and I credit her newness and her
      shyness for a lot of the reason, because:

      1. Having only recently been at *her* first meeting, she could very much relate
      to the information needs of other newcomers. They asked the same questions
      that she herself had asked only a couple of months before.

      2. There are two kinds of people who come to their first SCA meeting. The
      outgoing, gregarious types will walk in, make themselves at home, introduce
      themselves to everyone, ask lots of questions about things that interest
      or puzzle them, and quickly merge into the group. These folks don't need a
      Chatelaine's help very much. The other group, the ones who are socially
      shy, are the ones who might need a little help getting acclimated. And who
      better to understand and relate to someone who is a little quieter in their
      mannerisms than someone who is like them and feels the same way about being
      with a new group of people they don't know well?

      Lady Meredydd was a tremendous Chatelaine, and I'll bet that you will be, too!

      > I ended up saying to heck with it & used Non Period fabric for my
      > gown(poly-acetate something or other),

      The neat thing that I (as a Rank Novice Seamster, if ever there was one) am
      learning, is that often period fabrics are (1) easier and more fun to work
      with because they don't bunch up and wriggle like synthetics, (2) more
      comfortable to wear because they breathe better in summer and insulate
      better in winter, and (3) safer around campfires because they don't, oh,
      melt and stick to your skin. :-) (Leave it to the SCA to make one actually
      cognizant of such things...)

      I used to think cotton was the cat's meow of fabric, but then I found linen.
      Oh, sweet mystery of life....!

      Have fun!


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      Maistor Iustinos Tekton called Justin (Scott Courtney)
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      keys fesswise reversed sable.

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