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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Digest Number 994

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  • Kristine Elliott
    ... no one would suspect la Brete of claiming to be an idiot. However, as I mentioned in another email, la Bretonne is also a possibility. Scolastica --
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 29, 2005
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      On 12/29/05, Heather M <margaretnorthwode@...> wrote:
      > <snip>
      > >It could just be a mistake, of
      > >course, which is why I need to do some digging and figure out if "la
      > Brete"
      > >is the feminine version of "le Breton". That might be more appropriate
      > for
      > >you to use, but I am not sure.
      > >
      > >Yours in service,
      > >
      > >Scolastica
      > >
      > I like this (actually, I really like "Juliote" as a French persona name;
      > I think it's quite lovely). My one possible monkey wrench here is to
      > bring up the word "bête," or "stupid, idiotic" possibly referring in
      > such an instance to the Denise who is mentally retarded, as opposed to
      > the Denise who is a Breton. I'm not familiar enough with the evolution
      > of the word from period French to know if this is a reasonable
      > transliteration (says the woman whose last name can be spelled four ways
      > and ponounced about three, within those) from either the period-written
      > to the modern-spoken, the period-written to the period-spoken, or even a
      > problem in the change from langue d'oc to langue d'oïl.
      > However it turns out, I think that "Denise the Idiotess" is not what
      > Denise may be looking for, so it's good to make sure.
      > Margaret Northwode
      > "La Brete" and "la bête" appear to me to be sufficiently difference that
      no one would suspect "la Brete" of claiming to be an idiot. However, as I
      mentioned in another email, "la Bretonne" is also a possibility.


      "I have come to the conclusion that this administration values loyalty more
      than anything else, more than competence or, frankly, more than the truth."
      Rep. Christopher Shays.

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