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registering a name (was: New member question)

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  • Coblaith Mhuimhneach
    ... You submit it to the College of Arms, through the appropriate heraldic officers as defined by the kingdom of which [you are] a subject . Your local group
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 18, 2005
      LH wrote:
      > . . .where does one submit the name they have chosen for their persona
      > and when will you know if it is approved.

      You submit it to the College of Arms, "through the appropriate heraldic
      officers as defined by the kingdom of which [you are] a subject". Your
      local group herald will help, if you have one. (It's not a required
      office for groups below a certain size/status.) If you tell us where
      you are (if not which local group, at least which kingdom--visit
      <http://www.sca.org/geography/welcome.html> if you're not sure),
      someone may be able to give you more details on your submissions
      process, or a pointer to someone in your area who has the background to
      help you out. Your kingdom website may also have helpful info, in a
      section on heraldry or one designed to benefit newcomers.

      A good intro to the SCA name, with links to resources on names from
      various cultures, is provided in the heraldry section of the SCA site
      <http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/names.html>. The same section has
      links to the submission forms of all the kingdoms, so you can print one
      out and get started whenever you like, and a PDF of the Rules for
      Submission. You'll increase the odds that your name will be approved
      the first time if you make sure it follows all the rules BEFORE you
      turn in your paperwork.

      Just to clarify: Your name does not have to be registered. You can
      have an unregistered name printed on your membership card, use it while
      holding office or when you enter a list, and put it in your group's
      address book (if it has one). Registering a name does two things: (1)
      It establishes the name as uniquely yours. Nobody else in the Society
      can claim a name registered to you. (2) It allows you to verify that
      you have chosen a plausible name for your persona, by having it
      reviewed by some of those members of the Society who are most
      knowledgeable about naming practices. This will become important to
      you, if you are or become interested in authenticity.

      Coblaith Mhuimhneach
      Barony of Bryn Gwlad
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