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  • Brad Rekkedal
    WOW! Justin, I d have to say that that is exactly how I try to view any situation I encounter where there is or even might be conflict. I ve encountered very
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2005
      WOW! Justin, I'd have to say that that is exactly how
      I try to view any situation I encounter where there is
      or even might be conflict. I've encountered very few
      who do. (And to think, you put it into words that I
      never could)

      This is a little off topic (I get back on topic in the
      next paragraph), but I have a fiance that tends to act
      like the rest of her family at times and I try to
      steer her clear of this type of thinking. Her family
      can be rather vindictive at times and assumes that the
      only reason some one does something that they perceive
      as "bad" is because they are a malicious person. It
      often involves them snubbing the person or even party
      of people for minor reasons. For example, they have a
      mental list of business's that they will not go
      anywhere near, just becuase they were insulted by a
      worker there (mostly likely they weren't even insulted
      in the place of business, but at a different
      location). It's frustrating for me because I see or
      hear from my fiance how accussing they (my fiance's
      family) can be, when it can clearly be seen that there
      was no harsh intentions on the accussed parties

      Now, back to topic. I had a member of our Shire who
      was very set in her ways and what she believed. We
      had become friends and I would often go to her place
      to sew or discuss issues within the Shire. For
      reasons I don't even understand today, she became very
      upset with me and threw me out of her place. I was
      very unnerved and wasn't sure how to handle
      interaction with her afterwards. She was handling an
      event and I was the Exchequer. I could not just avoid
      her. I just handled any kind of interaction with her
      in a very business like manner. It was difficult at
      first, but it became easier and she even started
      talking to me again. It's been a while since that
      incident and we have both gone our separate ways, but
      we still keep in touch (even if it isn't on a regular
      basis). I still consider her a friend despite the
      lack of understanding. I hope knowing my situation
      helps you in yours.

      Good luck!


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