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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Local groups

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  • Maria
    Something else that I d like to add to this ... As a local (Shire and Baronial) Hospitaler (the Newcomer contact), I d also be sure to tell the Seneschal in a
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      Something else that I'd like to add to this ...

      As a local (Shire and Baronial) Hospitaler (the Newcomer contact), I'd also be sure to tell the Seneschal in a nice way that the person didn't respond to you. I've been contacted by members of the canton under my Barony and had to make sure that my Canton Hospitaler was doing their job. It's usually just a simple thing like real life got in the way.

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      On Friday 30 September 2005 04:55, Dana Darr wrote:
      > Ok, here's the question: I have sent a couple of emails to the person
      > listed on Tirnewydd's home page as the "Newcomers" contact and I have
      > gotten no reply, so, should I contact a different officer? The webpage
      > has conflicting information about when their meetings take place, and
      > where they meet. I don't want to offend anyone, but I find the lack of
      > response disconcerting.

      Yes, you should contact the Seneschal, Sir Dilan MacAnTsaier (mka Joe
      Weible). He can be reached by email to sirdilan@....

      It's possible that the Chatelain is not active at the moment. Being as this
      is a volunteer organization, it's possible that the Chatelain had a bad case
      of "real life comes first" and had to take some time off -- or simply had
      an email change -- and in either case, the web page hasn't been updated yet.

      I happen to leave only 2 hours from Columbus, and I know Dilan personally.
      He'll be sure to get you connected with the group.

      By the way, I wanted to make sure you know that there's a *big* event this
      very weekend -- TOMORROW -- right there in Columbus. Middle Kingdom Coronation
      is Saturday, October 1, in Tirnewydd. More info here: http://reddragon.ws/

      I am giving a technical presentation at a Linux conference -- ironically,
      in Columbus -- so there is almost no chance I'll be at the Coronation event,
      else I'd offer to introduce you personally to the Tirnewydd folk.

      If you try to reach Dilan, don't be surprised if you don't hear back from
      him until Monday. As the Seneschal of a group hosting Coronation, he is
      probably working at the event site today and of course will be there tomorrow,
      so it's doubtful he'll be reachable today.

      If you show up at Coronation, ask almost anyone to introduce you to Sir Dilan,
      and they can probably help. He's very well known by many people, and not hard
      to find.

      Should all of the above fail to connect you with the group, please either post
      again to this list, or email me directly, and I'll give you some other contact
      info. I think you'll find Dilan very easy to reach, though. And, if you have
      the day available tomorrow, Coronation is an event not to be missed!

      Nota bene: Some friends of mine are attending Coronation also. If you're
      hesitant about it being a first event, email privately (justin at 4th dot com)
      and I'll put you in touch with someone I know who I'm sure will be glad to
      help you get acquainted at the event. :-)


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