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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Grapes of Wrath and other general info

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  • David Whitehead
    of course i totally agree and took some things for granted, also we have a very lovely 15 year old girl go around with the towels, we figured everyone NEEDED a
    Message 1 of 18 , Sep 27, 2005
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      of course i totally agree and took some things for granted, also we have a
      very lovely 15 year old girl go around with the towels, we figured everyone
      NEEDED a very stark contrast to a 200+ (i dont know any fighters that weight
      less than that in armor) man throwing stuff at you. She also waits untill
      there is a break between scenarios before throwing stuff at you.

      On 9/27/05, Iustinos Tekton called Justin <justin@...> wrote:
      > On Monday 26 September 2005 21:14, David Whitehead wrote:
      > > How very true i have been fighting going on 3 years now and i must say
      > that
      > > my favorite people at an event are the water bearers.
      > I've been a Chirurgeon (first aid provider) for 11 years now, and a
      > fighter for
      > about 7 years, and I heartily agree! As a fighter, well....what he said!
      > As a
      > Chirurgeon, I know that the more water the fighters are drinking, the less
      > likely I'll be treating them for heat exhaustion. We *like* the water
      > bearers!
      > > One suggestion is if
      > > you have a bunch of old towels that you have no other use for, get a
      > bunch
      > > of ice in a cooler and stick the towels in there. My barony (Bjornsborg,
      > > Ansteorra) started doing this a couple of events ago and i must say when
      > > fighting in texas in the middle of summer they are a godsend.
      > A good suggestion, BUT a note of caution is needed. Putting a very cold
      > towel,
      > or even a tap-water-temperature wet towel, on someone who is very hot may
      > be
      > a bad idea, if they are not expecting it. There are two basic reasons:
      > 1. Physically, the sudden shock of cold can be a bad thing for the body,
      > and
      > can cause adverse reactions in some people. Occasionally someone may react
      > very badly and go into a kind of shock. It's much more likely if the
      > person was not expecting the cold, because the effect is partly
      > psychogenic.
      > 2. Mentally, a fighter who's just come off the field may have a very high
      > level of adrenalin. If you slap a cold towel on them by surprise, they may
      > react instinctively and could hurt you without meaning to. The body's
      > senses get a little mixed up by heat and adrenalin together, and it's hard
      > for the subconscious reflexes to tell a slap of cold from a slap of
      > rattan.
      > The fighter might take a swing at you by reflex, before the conscious
      > brain
      > has time to say, "Wait a minute! That's not a guy in armor hitting me!" If
      > the fighter has time to *see* and talk to you first, this isn't going to
      > happen. They might grovel at your feet in gratitude, but they won't hit
      > you.
      > Wolfgang, I'm not trying to throw a wet blanket on your idea (pun
      > intended!).
      > But it's important to ASK the fighter (1) if they'd like a cold towel and
      > (2) if so, where they'd like you to place it, or if they'd like to just
      > have
      > you hand it to them.
      > I know that you, as a fighter, probably already know this stuff, but it's
      > important to let our new folks -- who may volunteer as water bearers at
      > their
      > very first event -- know it as well. No offense intended -- your idea is a
      > good one, just needed a little extra precautionary note added. :-)
      > Kind regards,
      > Justin
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