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Re: [SCA Newcomers] TENT FOR SALE

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  • owlmoons
    I wish you lived by me in Fort Worth. I would love it :) Good luck Christina ... From: Patrick Callahan To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2005
      I wish you lived by me in Fort Worth. I would love it :) Good luck


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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] TENT FOR SALE

      > Greetings Good Gentles,
      > Regrettably the time has come for me to sell, my favorite tent. The tent
      > measures 8'x 8' and stands 7' tall. The tent has 15" walls making it
      > for use with cots. The tent easily accommodates 3 adults each with
      > supplies. The tent was professionally built by a company call Panther
      > Primitives. Who clams ".we guarantee it (their tents) to be superior to
      > others" and "No one makes a better shelter (tent)". The tent has Medieval
      > styling including scalloped edging running the length of the walls and
      > antique looking wooden finials for the tops of the polls. The tent was
      > custom built with a green and blue stripe pattern to enhance its Medieval
      > appearance. The tent is 5 years old, and has only seen about a dozen
      > events. The tent in fully water proof and fire retardant. The tent
      > includes all polls, ropes and wooden stake required for set up. We are
      > asking $150.00 dollars, but I am interested in hearing from any interested
      > buyers in the Houston area, because we might be willing to sell it for
      > with the assurance it would be going to a good home. I cost $500 dollar
      > when originally to build. Contact us at: naspiritwalker@... with
      > offers or for more information. See attached photographs.
      > Thank You,
      > Patrick
      > P.S. It has come to my attention that my pictures will not post on some of
      > the message boards. Interested persons can obtain pictures by sending an
      > email request to naspiritwalker@....
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