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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Pennsic Prep - or will we ever be ready???

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  • Alison Choyce
    ... Sometimes classes that are scheduled
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 31, 2005
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      << I am usually a very decisive person, but oh my, just HOW does one
      choose from the vast selection of classes? >>

      Sometimes classes that are scheduled do not happen for one reason or another, so I've found that it's nice to have an alternate list. I also have found that I may just simply not "feel" like attending certain classes after I get there, Or may go to a class (sit in the back) and realize that this is not exactly what I had thought, and then quietly, and respectfully leave.

      << We are attending as a family which includes two teens. Everyone wants to attend different events...>>

      We have two teens as well, who are great kids, and will do what we expect of them. However, they hate those radios, because the radios make them stand out. We have all found it much more convenient to meet occasionally during the day. For instance if I know I will be finishing a class at a certain time, and they will not be involved in something else at that time, then they are to meet me outside of that class as I am leaving. We only set up meetings once or twice during the day, but it works for us. The benefit to the teens of meeting with the parents is that if the teen saw something they want to purchase they can tell you about it. There is a large crowd of teens that "hang out" at the barn as well, so if I am looking for them I can go there as well, and I know which camps thier friends are in. We also carry cell phones (have to so that my elderly father's caretakers can reach me if needed), we rarely use them to call each other, but we all know that we have that resource as well.

      If you had not already planned on it, have your kids pack something to swim in. My kids spend every hot afternoon with other teens down at the Family swimming hole, cooling off.

      I think each family has to look at what will work for them, and it would very useful to have the teens happy with the plan, they are more likely to comply.

      Good luck,

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