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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Dress Question

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  • Bulgarelli Maria
    Ok so I m a little behind. I didn t check my email last night. LOL. Maria ... Standard Time, ... event without being ... outfits. ... with a proper ... would
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 28, 2005
      Ok so I'm a little behind. I didn't check my email
      last night. LOL.


      --- rushifa_asahoshi <rushifa_asahoshi@...>

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      > In a message dated 7/28/2005 1:41:23 A.M. Eastern
      Standard Time,
      > rushifa_asahoshi@y... writes:
      > <<If anyone can help my identify this dress, or at
      > least tell me if it's period enough to wear to an
      event without
      > embarassed, I would greatly appriciate it.>>
      > I'm pretty sure this is actually two separate
      > The green dress, is, as you said, vaguely Tudor, and
      with a proper
      > underdress (something primarily to cover the arms)
      would be
      acceptable for events even
      > though I don't think it's terribly historically
      > The "coat" appears to me to be a Middle Eastern
      garment called a
      > coat" or something similar to that and is definitely
      not a part of
      the green
      > dress. Ghawazee coats are also frequently worn at
      events, although
      again it
      > needs an underdress.
      > Neither Tudor nor Middle Eastern are something I
      know a lot about,
      but I'm
      > sure someone here can help you find the correct
      undergarments for
      > Brangwayna Morgan
      > Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      > Lancaster, PA
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been

      I planning to wear a long chemise under the dress. As
      for the coat,
      I'm not sure what I'd wear with it. Thank you for
      correcting me about
      them going together, I bought them as a pair so I
      never questioned how
      correct an assumption that was.


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