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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Newbie

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  • vanessa gonzales
    Hello all, and hello Gretchen. My name is Vanessa (also no persona name yet). I am also relatively new, my husband and I have been with the SCA for just a
    Message 1 of 32 , Jul 27, 2005
      Hello all, and hello Gretchen.
      My name is Vanessa (also no persona name yet). I am also relatively new, my husband and I have been with the SCA for just a couple months now but I've done alot of research and so feel a little at ease with the whole SCA stuff. It's nice that you have found a jumping off point, sometimes that can be the hardest part. I admire that you have found your niche in the SCA and incorpoated a part of your real history into it. I don't personally know if the names you have chosen are "period-correct" but these are some sites that I have saved to help with developing personas and names. Hopefully you and the others will find them usefull. Also, I believe that if you look up your kingdom or local (baronial) site you may be able to find when a collegium will be held which offers many many classes (more like little 1 hour workshops) over the course of a weekend, about twice yearly taught by SCA people. These classes are for every skill level even some your children can enjoy and include
      most anything you ever wanted to learn including speaking in a medieval style.(I would like to learn this too)! Good luck and hope that helps!
      http://www.housebarra.com/EP/ (one of these issues (2nd or 3rd?) has Viking names)

      Gretchen~ Hulett Hall Academy <sghulett@...> wrote:
      I am new to the group and returning to SCA after 15yrs. When I was
      involved 15yrs ago I wasn't really into it all that much (ie just a
      few events). I never picked a name and all so now that I have 3 kids
      and all of them are excited about getting started we are looking for
      help on Names and Persona.

      We are wanting to go 13c England lower class (ease of garb for all
      kids since I am going to be making everything).

      The Sir name have chosen is Chapman because we are related to John
      Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) and Chapman is 13c English.

      First names I have chose are
      Alicia (dd15)
      Bartholomew (ds7)
      Pipa (dd5)
      Margaretta (myself)

      Please let me know if you feel these are period correct names. I am
      also looking for a place that will help with our language and

      Gretchen in Wyoming

      Society for creative anachronism Medieval costume Medieval knights


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    • Bobbie Smith
      WOW i feel so much better knowing i m not the only person in the middle of nowhere! Saorla ... From: Adrienne To:
      Message 32 of 32 , Dec 14, 2007
        i feel so much better knowing i'm not the only person in the middle of nowhere!

        ----- Original Message ----
        From: Adrienne <apollia@...>
        To: scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 12:50:05 PM
        Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Re: Newbie

        I'm sure there are plenty of us in that boat! For me, I live in a very
        small and secluded coastal town... not only is it an hour and a half
        one way to my nearest shire's meeting, but also to the nearest Walmart
        and dollar store (and any fast food aside from our crappy McD's - just
        to show how rural we are.)

        We're lucky that we get one event only 2 hrs away from us (Beltaine
        Coronation in Cloverdale/Wolfscai rn)... but every other event is at
        least 5 hours one way from us.

        It's a huge gas expense, and of course the SCA in and of itself is
        quite an expensive hobby (especially it seems if you're royalty! Hubby
        still hasn't decided if he wants to try for THAT yet, though he wants
        to learn to fight, though our closest practice is over 3 hours
        away)... but it has seemed to me that the experience, the fun, and the
        friendships you gain make all that expense worth it!

        (We've gone to March Crown, which is about 6 or 7 hours from us one
        way, and to Beltaine, and hope to make 12th night in San Jose this
        year --- the same distance from us as Crown was, with a pregnant
        belly, and a two year old boy... wish me luck all!)

        Adrienne of RavenShore
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