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Persona Changes - Again

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  • Regina Baird
    Greetings, all! I ve been VERY quiet as of late (it s too hot here in the South to do much) but with Autumn approaching, I m ready to get out my imagination
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2005
      Greetings, all! I've been VERY quiet as of late (it's too hot here
      in the South to do much) but with Autumn approaching, I'm ready to
      get out my imagination and try again. Besides the point that I have
      more time (and money) to play!!

      Ok, I first kicked around the idea of being a French Widow, but the
      logistics of messing with the language and my desire to somehow
      integrate my mother into the play, I've gone back to the drawing
      board, so to speak.

      Currently, I think I've decided to stop fighting what Mother Nature
      gave me and go as a young woman that originates from Scotland (that
      would very easily silence the questions about my red hair, green
      eyes, peaches & cream complexion and my temper - <laugh>) but is the
      widow of an English merchant.

      The way I'm writing the story, less than a year after our marriage,
      my husband AND parents went down on the same ship, travelling back
      to Scotland. This disaster would simultaneously make me a widow and
      an orphan. My late husband's considerable estate, therefore would
      have been left to his young bride; making me an heiress (convenient,
      huh?) Having no family left in Scotland, and finding my new Mother-
      in-Law a delight and having the resources to be independent, I
      decide to stay in England, and invite my MOther-in-Law to live with
      me. That would get my mother playing as my English Mother-in-Law
      (how FUN is that?!!).

      THe question I have is just this:
      1. Is it plausible that I would even have been married to an
      Englishman, being full Scots? I'm sticking to the mid-14th
      Century (had to; since I'd already spent all the money and started
      work on a cotehardie!!)
      2. Would it be a likely possibility that a young widow from Scotland
      would stay with her English Mother-in-Law or would she be forced to
      go home to what family was left, since her parents are dead?

      I know that, technically, I can do whatever I choose as this is all
      fun anyway, but I'd like to at least be as authentic in my story as

      Thanks for the input!
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