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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Hello Everyone

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  • rushifa_asahoshi
    ... Thank you for the warm welcome! The name Rushifa is actually the japanese pronunciantion of Lucifer, which is also a nickname of mine (Lucy=Luci=Lucifer,
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 20, 2005
      > Welcome, Rushifa! What a lovely name!

      Thank you for the warm welcome! The name Rushifa is actually the
      japanese pronunciantion of Lucifer, which is also a nickname of mine
      (Lucy=Luci=Lucifer, so my friend's logic went). I generally use
      Rushifa online because it's more unique than Lucifer, and that way I
      don't run the risk of accidentally offending anyone.

      > There are no requirements for what sort of tent you may use at an
      event, and
      > in fact many people use modern nylon tents. In some cases nylon
      tents may
      > be set up only in a specific area, but in most cases all sorts of
      tents are
      > intermixed. Your tent (is it one of the old 10 X 10 Army ones with
      the center
      > pole that works like an umbrella, with "spokes" going out into the
      > corners of the tent? If so, my husband had one that we camped in
      at events before
      > we were married.) would be excellent for use at events, cooler than
      > and looking more accurate.

      I think it is the Army you mentioned, it fits that discription well.
      It leaves we wondering where my parents got it, though, since neither
      of them have ever been in the army, and we usually don't shop at the
      Army Surplus stores or anything. Anyway, I'm glad to hear it will
      work out. I love the tent dearly, and have been just looking for an
      excuse to use it again (after we bought a newer, more portable nylon
      tent, we haven't been using it). Plus I was kinda looking at the
      whole making/buying a period tent with a bit of fear, i don't exactly
      have the funds to cover it right away.

      > You will see this sort of outfit very frequently at SCA events. I
      > personally, that it migrated there from Ren Faires, where it is a
      common outfit
      > for those portraying serving wenches at the food stalls and such.
      > said, it truly is not an accurate costume for any time or culture
      during the SCA
      > period. SCA rules, however, only require an attempt at period
      costume, not
      > an accurate costume, so it is technically OK to wear such a costume
      at events.
      > The bodices commonly worn are in fact a foundation garment, like a
      > bra or girdle, and would have been under other clothing in most
      cases in
      > period. If you look at pictures of Elizabethan or Tudor women,
      notice the very
      > rigid shape of their clothes. That shape is created by the
      underpinnings, not
      > the clothes themselves, and one of those underpinnings is the
      bodice or pair
      > of bodies as it was called. The very decorative doublets/jackets
      worn by
      > these women are what would be worn over a bodice. There are also
      much less
      > decorative ones, but of similar cut, worn by merchant's wives and

      Alright, that's good to know. I'm currently planning an outfit with a
      bodice showing like that, and I think I'll still make it, since it
      will be my first real garb, and I like the look of a bodice. That
      clears up alot of my confussion, though.

      > <<Lastly, I've been trying to find information on clothing worn in
      > is more recently Yugoslavia or Croatia, but was at that time (I
      > believe) a part of Hungary or Serbia. I haven't been able to find
      > good links or pictures of this area, so if anyone has any resources
      > advice, I'd be very greatful. >>
      > There is a Slavic SCA group here on yahoogrooups; it's a special
      > group of Scadians who also have personas from that area. I'm sure
      they will be
      > very helpful.

      Thanks, I've already found it and have been looking through some of
      the links so far.
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