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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Name help please

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  • bellastarr74
    ... check out ... period and ... send naming ... have on that ... though the ... I ve ... I ve found no ... feminine given ... was not ... Lilee for the ...
    Message 1 of 5 , May 18, 2005
      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Marco and Jitka Sainte
      <sainte1@s...> wrote:
      > scraps wrote:
      > > Well, at the risk of adding more frustration I would suggest you
      check out
      > > the Academy of St Gabriel's site:
      > >
      > > www.s-gabriel.org
      > >
      > > They have some very good information on naming practices within
      period and
      > > several lists of documented given names for Ireland. You can
      send naming
      > > requests to them and they will give you the information they
      have on that
      > > particular name and point you in the right direction. And even
      though the
      > > site says they'll get back to you within 3 months or some such,
      > > always
      > > heard back within a week or so.
      > >
      > > Just from my perusal of the documents on that site, however,
      I've found no
      > > form of any of the names you've cited listed as part of the
      feminine given
      > > names in their documentation for Irish Gaelic names :( It also
      was not
      > > very
      > > common (the way it is now) to name people after things (like
      Lilee for the
      > > flower lily or some such).
      > I just wanted to point out that it actually was common in some
      > specifically Islamic ones, to name non-Islamic female slaves after
      > flowers. :) I know Jasmine was used, and some others, but it's
      late and
      > I can't remember right now.
      > Not disagreeing, I just found that kinda cool. :)
      > Fiora

      Thank you both Ive decide to make my name Lelia and Im taking my
      family name from then. I just have to learn to spell it. Besides I
      love the ME culture. My Father did do some traveling in the ME
      before I was born. You have both been very helpful and kind.
      Peace and Love to all.
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