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Re: Truehearth Armory & names--To Viseux

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  • giantfloatingcat
    Viseux, Dave here, Carlo at Truehearth is due to begin on my helmet sometime in the next few weeks. I may have it by Groundhog Day... In the
    Message 1 of 2565 , Dec 21, 2000
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      Viseux,<br><br>Dave here, <br>Carlo at Truehearth
      is due to begin on my helmet sometime in the next
      few weeks. I may have it by Groundhog
      Day...<br><br>In the meantime, I will try to show up for a few
      fighting practices, since I just know you will want to
      bash me on the head a few times as soon as I get my
      new helmet --just to make sure it's working, of
      course--.<br><br>And of course, I still have to pick a SCA name.
      <br><br>I have heard you mention that you are tired of
      calling me "Dave" and "Giant Floating Cat" so you can
      sympathise with my yearning to acquire said name.<br><br>
      The way I see it, I have two options: either I pick a
      name that represents my actual ancestry, as many
      people do, or else I choose a name from whatever ethnic
      group strikes my fancy.<br><br>Now, the first option is
      going to be rather odd, since I am Scots-Irish on my
      mother's side and Russian-Mongolian-Persian on my father's
      side.<br><br>"Angus Khan" comes immediately to mind, --and a few
      friends have indeed called me by that moniker from time
      to time-- but alas, it is a bit too silly to live
      with long-term.<br><br>The second option gives me the
      chance to name myself after some ethnic group which
      isn't in my family tree, like Japanese, or
      Transylvanian, (well, i probably have a bit of that on my dad's
      side, but not much...)<br><br>I am not quite prepared
      to be as perfectly Japanese as Raito-San, but maybe
      I could be some eastern european bloke who happened
      to travel to Japan (perhaps was shipwrecked there?)
      and has picked up some of their customs.<br><br>If
      you can offer any advice, in how you and people you
      know have gone about this process of choosing a name,
      please feel free to email me.
    • bubdog101
      Message 2565 of 2565 , Dec 6, 2003
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        --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, jfreak_99_16 wrote:
        > Brand New to SCA<br>I haven't even been to an
        > event yet. Except for the onen heavy fighting practice.
        > I have no idea how to get started<br><br>JF
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