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Re: [SCA Newcomers] New SCAdian from Northern Michigan

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  • Bulgarelli Maria
    Ok, first of all, don t try to form your own group. I m not trying to be offensive but you don t know enough about the SCA and how things run to start your own
    Message 1 of 2 , May 5, 2005
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      Ok, first of all, don't try to form your own group.
      I'm not trying to be offensive but you don't know
      enough about the SCA and how things run to start your
      own group. My suggestion is to check out the groups
      in the area and see if they have anyone in your area
      who would be interested in startign a new group. An
      experienced SCAdian has a better chance of getting a
      new group up and running than someone who's just
      joined for several reasons.

      That said I did a little research and checked out
      where you can find the groups you want. The following
      3 links have the groups that are in Michigan. I'm not
      sure where things are up there (considering I grew up
      in Philadelphia and now live in Houston) but I tried
      to find the groups that are in Michigan and Canada
      close to the border. I can tell you that the Mare
      Amethystinumis a great group. I'm subscribed to their
      email list because there's a possibility of my moving
      up that way some time in the next couple of years. If
      all else fails try contacting them. They can help you
      with anything you want I'm sure. Check out the web
      sites and see which is closest and go from there. If
      all else fails, contact the people from Thunder Bay
      Canada and ask them for help. They are all really


      Sorry if I sounded a little flip, but honestly **I**
      wouldn't try to start my own group and I've been in
      the Society for 7 years and am good friends with the
      Baron and Baroness and most of the Nobility of the
      area here. Think about that. It should tell you
      something about how hard it is.

      Lady Elizabetta de Medici
      Maria Buchanan
      Hospitaler - Barony of the Stargate
      Hospitaler - Shire of Gate's Edge
      In the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra
      --- evilbob8 <EvilBob8@...> wrote:

      A couple years ago, the SCA was suggested to me for
      something to
      entertain my love for medieval history. However, due
      to college and
      other priorities, I never got around to joining.

      About two weeks ago, I decided to start researching
      the SCA and I
      even got around to joining. I love everything I've
      heard. It seems
      like a great hobby. However, I've run into some
      problems along the

      First, I was unable to find my kingdom. Just so you
      know, I live in
      the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The SCA web
      site said that I
      belonged to Northshield; however, after speaking to
      Eliane the
      Chatelaine, I found out that they don't really cover
      the Eastern side
      of the U.P., as there are no groups here. So, I
      checked with the
      Middle Kingdom and they only cover the lower peninsula
      of Michigan.
      However, I did get that cleared up (mostly), because I
      was assigned
      to Northshield when I joined.

      Second, I went searching for a group to join and learn
      from, but the
      closest ones are four+ hours away
      (Marquette/Houghton/Ann Arbor). I
      heard that there's one in Petoskey, MI (Middle
      Kingdom), but the name
      I was given shows up online as Traverse City and has
      no web link.
      Even Canada is a bit of a drive for weekly meetings
      that only last a
      couple hours. Of course, I'm willing to drive for
      weekend or day
      events. I would like to eventually start some sort of
      group here to
      have people to learn with and car pool to events with.
      I sent an
      email to the Northshield Chatelaine about it, because
      she said she
      could give me info on it or hook me up with the right
      person to talk
      to, but I think she's been pretty busy as she hasn't
      replied. So,
      does anyone have advice on starting a new group? Can I
      advertise for
      interested people in the newspaper? I wouldn't use any
      art, but I
      would use the SCA name. Do you know any of the other
      rules for
      starting a group or a good web site?

      Third, I automatically knew I wanted an Irish persona.
      It's my
      heritage (typical argument) and I love the Irish
      Gaelic language. I
      wanted the name Brighid due to the Goddess Brighid or
      Brig being the
      Goddess of blacksmithing (I was once an apprentice)
      and her rumored
      link to the Tuatha de Danaan(a group of people I'm
      very interested
      in). However, now I'm questioning it as there seem to
      be many women
      with this name. Is it a common name?

      I think I'll stop there as I've already written so
      much. Any words of
      wisdom would be great!

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    • Janet
      Meghan, I would definately agree that it can be very difficult to get a new group started. However, there are no rules against finding people who live near you
      Message 2 of 2 , May 5, 2005
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        I would definately agree that it can be very difficult
        to get a new group started. However, there are no
        rules against finding people who live near you who
        might be interested in getting together to do SCA
        stuff. We have two meetings a month in my shire, but
        little groups get together here and there to work on
        projects and such all the time. You should contact one
        or all the groups in your area. First of all, there
        are probably people playing in the groups who live
        near you and will either carpool to meetings or hang
        out and do stuff separate of meetings. Secondly, most
        groups don't require you to attend meetings to be
        members. In my shire, I take meeting notes and email
        them out to everyone on our email list. We have many
        members away for college or what not who still want to
        be part of the group. If they have ideas for the
        group, they can send them to the whole group or to the
        seneschal to be brought up at a meeting. If we didn't
        work this way, we'd have about 10 people in our
        As to whether you should be in Northshield or Middle
        Kingdom, I'm not really sure where they draw the line,
        but you can play with any group that you find and
        like. The whole system of dividing based on residence
        is just to make things easier. You don't HAVE to play
        where you live. So go to some events, send out some
        emails, make friends, and sooner or later you will
        find a group you like and want to play with.
        As far as names go, you have to find references of
        that name being used in period. Then you have to find
        a last name that would be from the same time and
        place. This is another reason why you should contact
        the groups in your area. They all should have a herald
        (or Pursuviant) who can help you in selecting an SCA
        name and getting it registered if you want.
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