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Re: [SCA Newcomers] cold dish for a feast

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  • Heather Murray
    ... Some things about taking meat pies along that I meant to mention. Bag anything that you re putting in a cooler with ice. The gallon ones work nicely, I
    Message 1 of 4 , May 1, 2005
      Heather Murray wrote:

      > J and D wrote:
      > > hey all my wife and i are going to Akornebir's newcomer encampment on
      > > may 13th and we need a cold dish for the feast and i would like to
      > > bring something peiod any suggestions?
      > >
      > >
      > > Radulfus (at least for now)
      > Meat pies can be served cold. A few dry runs here are a good thing, so
      > you can figure out your flavor/texture combinations. Do a Google search
      > for "Cariadoc's Miscellany" and you should find the general recipe for
      > meat pies. As an initial hint, I would probably go with more sweet
      > spices than savory - for some reason, I find that they do better for
      > cold pies. As much as I like to use steak (it's inexpensive around here)
      > cut into small pieces, were I to do a meat pie today (hm - that actually
      > sounds like a good idea, since I'd not yet planned for dinner), I'd
      > likely cut it into smallish, bite-size pieces, and then pop'em in the
      > processor and pulse it two or three times to get pieces just over the
      > size of a "chili grind." I'd think it would contribute to easier eating.
      > I'd also recommend something well-marbled. I've noticed that I don't
      > like lean steak as much as something like an inexpensive chuck or even a
      > round, cut right.
      > Margaret Northwode
      Some things about taking meat pies along that I meant to mention.

      Bag anything that you're putting in a cooler with ice. The gallon ones
      work nicely, I find.
      Prior to bagging the meat pie, let it cool completely. Otherwise you'll
      pull out a soggy meat pie from the bag. BT, DT - tasty, but gooshy.
      Meat pies, especially those with wine/alcohol as an ingredient and with
      a crust, don't absolutely require refrigeration. Within bounds - I'd say
      about a day and a half, making sure that the meat and eggs are cooked.
      Either bake it the day you leave (or the night before) or fridge it till
      leaving for the event. Longer than that, I'd want cooling.

      My meat pies were quite tasty (Chawettys), though I'm out of saffron
      right now. : ( I happened to have a decent burgundy on hand, which is a
      tad abnormal for me since I prefer lighter vintages and my own perry. I
      made mine with 2 lb.s round and chuck, roughly ground in the processor.
      I also had no currant raisins (thought I did), but substituted golden
      raisins, and added grated sharp cheddar on the top. Lovely, and fairly
      cost-efficient - two pies (double the non-meat ingredients) cost me
      about $5-7 thanks to purchase of cheese on sale and meat at a good
      price. We've got about three meals out of them so far, and will get one

      Well, off to get breakfast,

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