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  • Jeff Gedney
    A device is the generic term for an Item of Heraldric depiction and can include Badges, Arms, Banners, Flags and Seals. Arms are a specific name for a
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 22, 2005
      A "device" is the generic term for an "Item of Heraldric depiction" and can include Badges, Arms, Banners, Flags and
      Arms are a specific name for a device that is given to symbolize a "noble" family or person. They are "armigererous".
      In the real world usage, that means that the family or person so designated as noble (and through that nobility is expected to stand in defense of the realme).

      In SCA usage, it is not "Arms" until you have been made "noble" and given the right to "carry arms" by the King.
      Most of the time this is done in an "Award of Arms".
      Then, and only then does your "device" become "Arms".

      All that stuff you see outside the base device is not the "arms"
      They are embellishments of one sort or another that basically
      further serve as rank identification or show affiliation.
      They are collectively called the "Achievements of the Arms"

      Those things are called the "crest" (what's on top of the Helm, if anything), the "torse" (a wreath on the helm with cloth bits hanging down), the "motto" (what's on the banner under the shield, if there is one) "supporters" (animal or human figures holding the shield) and "mantling" (that flowy stuff behind the shield)

      In the SCA you can use all or most of these depending on what priviliges you have earned in your SCA career, and the traditions of the Kingdom in which you live.

      Most of these things The College of Arms does not regulate, one or two we may.

      Mottoes are one thing we tend to ignore ( unless it is publicly offensive, but that is a taste issue, not a heraldic one )

      "Crest" is something else that the SCA does not specifically deal with.

      Right from the start in the SCA you can "display" your device using Mantling, a Helm with a Torse, and a Crest, and a Motto if you want.
      (And it still wont be "Arms" until you are awarded the RIGHT to "Carry Arms")

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      From: Janet <HI_it_is_me@...>
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      Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 18:31:28 -0700 (PDT)

      >So, I'm not completely sure, but I was having a chat
      >with my shire Pursuviant, who happens to be really
      >picky on terms and such. (Hence the use of Pursuviant
      >and not Herald...lol). He brought up the fact that a
      >heraldic device as most folks register for SCA is not
      >a coat of arms. We didn't have time for him to finish
      >explaining the difference, but from looking at arms
      >and our devices, devices are much simpler. There are
      >limits of how many charges can be used, what color
      >combinations, and all that. Arms seem to have fancy
      >things outside of the standard sheild shape and all
      >kinds of stuff. I quess this is part statement and
      >part question...can someone elaborate on this?
      >(MKA Janet)
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