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[SCA Newcomers] Re: Newcomer going to Gulf Wars

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  • plt339
    Kathy and All, Thank you all so much for your responses!!! What a great exchange of information we ve started. I ve gotten some great answers from some very
    Message 1 of 15 , Feb 13, 2005
      Kathy and All,

      Thank you all so much for your responses!!! What a great exchange of
      information we've started. I've gotten some great answers from some
      very nice people.

      Our small group of people have been meeting on weekends to try our
      hand at cooking in our new dutch ovens over coals and starting fires
      in our new clay fire pit. The cooking has gone absolutely
      wonderfully. We made some terrific rosemary new potatoes in one pot
      and some really yummy portabella mushrooms, shallots and garlic in
      another pot stacked on top. We cheated on the filets and used a gas
      grill (but we did successfully cook a boston butt (pork roast) in
      the cast iron dutch oven last weekend - it was fall apart tender).

      Unfortunately, we're not having nearly as much luck getting a fire
      to start in the fire pit. We might be cold but we'll eat well! LOL.
      We finally decided to try one of those "fake" logs. They burn hotter
      so we were worried about cracking the pit but it did really fine.

      Next weekend we are going camping overnight in our tents about an
      hour from home and we'll make a list of everything we left that
      we've just got to have. I think we're on the right track but if we
      get to Gulf Wars and we're missing something, we figure we can
      either buy it there or we don't really need it (unless of course
      we've left one of the kids behind :-) ).

      Good luck to everyone else who is new to this like us. We're right
      there with you!

      Anna Muerghein
      House of Mosaic

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "Kathy Greer" <kathyg@h...>
      > Greetings and welcome,
      > I have been to both, all though it was some time back.
      > The other folks are right, you need to start out with smaller and
      shorter camping trips. Before you go and get trapped in a place for
      a week or more, you need to find out if you handle the primitive
      camp conditions. While there are plenty of things to take care of
      you, it is not like home or even a hotel. It is outdoors, so you
      are subject to the weather more and it is hard to stay clean.
      > Gulf Wars is running about 3,000 to 4,000 in attendance. It is in
      March, basically, on the Gulf coast. This means that it is early
      spring, so the temperatures are generally mild, but can swing up and
      down on the rare chance. Being in the south, and on the coast, it
      is always subject to fronts, therefore, rain. As for shopping, it
      is just over a 100 merchants to fulfill your needs. The whole thing
      is just for less than a week, most folks just do a long 3-day or 4-
      day weekend.
      > Pensic is running about 11,000 in attendance now. It is in
      August, up north, and more inland. It is generally hotter,
      therefore, they get summer thunderstorms ( wind damage ), and
      possibly some general rain. I think they are running over 400
      merchants now. You can get anything that is related to SCA there.
      While it is a two-week event, most just come for the last week of
      it, or make a long weekend of it too. With this many folks in one
      place, it makes it interesting to see a small tent "city". This has
      more people than most small towns.
      > Board Raids is about 2,000 in attendance, I think, I am not sure.
      It is held at a camp ground on a military base in Kentucky. This
      means that if there is another terrorist attack while you are there,
      the U.S. Army will close the base and you will have 30 minutes to
      leave. You will just have to leave your stuff behind till they open
      the base again. It is held in June, just as the heat of summer is
      starting, so it is very hot, and strong and windy thunderstorms. It
      is short, just a regular weekend. Maybe 20 or 30 or so merchants
      show up there.
      > If you have never camped, then I suggest the following steps. Get
      your tent, equipment and supplies and try setting up camp in your
      yard. Setting up a tent ( and camp ) for the first time can take a
      lot of time for the first time or two cycles. Do it at home so that
      you will know how and what you will need. This is so that when you
      get to the event, you will not spend a lot of your time just setting
      up the tent and camp. When you have the camp set up in your yard,
      stay in it overnight as if you were camping. You will see what all
      you need. The next step would be to go to a local campground or
      national park and try it.
      > Call on some of the local SCA folks to come and camp with you in
      your yard and show you how to set up camp. They can go with you to
      the national park too. Make it like a relaxed cook-out party. Have
      fun with it!
      > As for garb at any of then, I general go with the simpler stuff.
      Leave the fancy stuff at home. The simple garb, made out of cotton
      broadcloth, packs easier, and is wash-and-wear. Before it rains, it
      is dry and dusty, after a rain storm, it is all muddy, so clothes
      get dirty very quickly. Also, the simple one can be washed out,
      hung up to dry, and then re-used, saving having to pack more garb.
      > Where are you located? Have you been in contact with your local
      > Email me if you have more questions.
      > Hope this helps.
      > In service to the Dream,
      > Alara MacGregor
      > (Kathy Greer)
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      > <<Good Day Lady!
      > What say you about Gulf Wars compared to Pennsic??
      > I am a camping "virgin" from the Midrealm and my lord wishes to
      go to
      > Pennsic, to which I say, "let's see how I do at Border Raids."
      > for the camping ignorant is Gulf Wars environment a bit better??
      > I don't know exactly who this was directed to since you didn't
      include any
      > quotes. I'm afraid I can't give you a comparison between the
      two as I have
      > never been to Gulf Wars. I would love to go, but it falls
      during the school
      > year, both my husband and I work in the public schools, and we
      don't get paid
      > time off other than school holidays.
      > However, I think you are very wise to insist on at least one
      > shorter camping event before Pennsic .
      > Brangwayna Morgan
      > Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      > Lancaster, PA
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