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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Help with bad grommets (was: I need a better punching too...

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    In a message dated 1/2/2005 6:38:08 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, goofy1@suscom.net writes:
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      In a message dated 1/2/2005 6:38:08 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      goofy1@... writes:

      <<How, may I ask, did you manage to LOSE your bodice at a Faire? Or is that
      too personal a question?>>

      Not at all, since it involves nothing more intimate than using my bloomers
      as a carry bag...it was an extremely hot day, and when fair ended I changed
      into shorts and T-shirt and crammed the rest of my garb inside my bloomers so I
      could use them as a carrying bag. As best I can determine, I must have put
      the bodice down one leg hole and had it fall out the bottom while I was
      walking around. Just goes to show, one should never trust a carrying bag with a
      built-in hole in the bottom.... Before you ask, the bodice was cheap
      polycotton and the only "boning" in it was that cheap stiffening strip stuff you can
      buy at JoAnn's and cut with scissors, used only at the lacing edges. Me
      being even more petite then than I am now, there was plenty of room for a very
      crushable (and very small) bodice to work it's way out of an elasticized leg
      hole. Some of my bodices are in shire gold key right now and I've only ever
      found one other person even close to adult (and I think she was 16) that could
      wear them; usually they get put on 12 year olds.

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA

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