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Ren Music Event, New Brunswick, NJ, Saturday 12/18

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  • John
    This was posted to my SCA group s Yahoo page (Shire of Iron Bog - southern New Jersey). The music group, Burlap Lute, is comprised of 4 SCA members from New
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2004
      This was posted to my SCA group's Yahoo page (Shire of Iron Bog -
      southern New Jersey). The music group, Burlap Lute, is comprised of 4
      SCA members from New Jersey. I hope to attend; it should be great. If
      you are in NJ, NY, CT, PA, or even DE/MD, I wholeheartedly recommend
      this event to you. Cordially, Jehan de La Grand Briere (mundanely
      John Toutant)

      Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004
      From: pbutler@...
      Subject: Burlap Lute Playing!

      (feel free to forward this as you see fit)

      Hello Peoples!

      Burlap Lute (Arden, Cynon, Grainne and Sabine) is once again playing
      at Mine
      Street! This Saturday, December 18th at the Mine Street Coffee House
      series in
      New Brunswick. A full evening of music, including medieval
      renaissance and folk
      tunes along with a smattering of holiday music. And Paul isn't even
      about going to New Brunswick (a Rutgers joke...). We are looking
      forward to
      playing at this great venue and hope you'll join us. Take a break
      from your
      holiday shopping to enjoy an evening of great medieval, renaissance,
      and folk
      music. Music runs 8:30pm to about 10:30pm.

      Where to find it:
      Mine Street Coffee House is located in the First Reformed Church.
      Street address
      is 9 Bayard St., New Brunswick, NJ 08810; phon! e:(732)249-7877.

      Basic directions:
      Take the NJ Turnpike to Exit 9 (New Brunswick). From the exit follow
      North/West toward New Brunswick/Piscataway. Cross over US Rt.1 (a
      messy cloverleaf) and go past the Rutgers Cook/Douglas Campus. Just
      after New
      St., take the exit for Rt.27 heading south (if you go over the
      Raritan River on
      Rt. 27, you are going the wrong way). On Rt. 27 just past the
      highway, make a
      left onto Nielson St (the sign is hard to see - it's the first
      possible left,
      and does not cross over Rt.27). If you hit George St. you've gone too
      Nielson is one way in the correct direction. Take the third right
      onto Bayard
      St. (also one way). The church is on that corner, and this time we'll
      playing the main hall. There is some street parking in the area,
      as well as a garage on Bayard.

      To get out, follow Bayard to George St and make a right. Follow
      George to Rt.27
      and make a right. Take R! t.27 about 3 blocks to Rt. 18, and follow
      that to

      Please be aware there is ongoing construction on Rts. 1 and 18 in New
      which can slow things down in the area, so allow some extra time.

      See ya there!

      aka pbutler@...
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