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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Officially choosing a society name?

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  • Signora Beatrice
    Unto all, greetings from Beatrice, former deputy Kingdom Herald (Dexter Gauntlet, An Tir, if you re interested). ... While customs differ for each College of
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 19, 2004
      Unto all, greetings from Beatrice, former deputy Kingdom Herald (Dexter
      Gauntlet, An Tir, if you're interested).

      --- renratgael <renratgael@...> wrote:
      > After long researching and pondering, I have finally choosen a
      > society name. My question now is this: must I fill in the official
      > "name submission by an individual" form and send it to my local
      > herald OR can I simply start using my name? I am asuming it must be
      > documented to verify there is not another "john doe of warwickshire"
      > out there (not my choosen name now, just an example!). There is
      > a "consulting herald" section in the form- but, what if I have not
      > heard back from a herald in regards to help with a name? (have sent a
      > couple emails to a couple differnent herlads but have not gotten
      > replies)
      > Any info on this elusive subject would be greatly appreciated,
      > Gael (for now)

      While customs differ for each College of Heralds in each Kingdom, I can
      tell you my experiences.

      You may _use_ any name you like. If you wish to register a device or
      badge, you must have a registerable name to go with it. There are some
      offices/awards/areas where registration is required, but just attending
      events does not require registration.

      It is common courtesy to check to see that you are not using the same name
      as someone else, but it is not required unless you are registering.

      We do recommend trying out a name before you register it. The
      registration process can take up to a year (occasionally longer, sometimes
      shorter), and it would be "icky" for you to register a name and hate it in
      six months, and then have to pay to have it changed. In addition to
      trying out the sound, write it down and have people try to pronounce it.
      I guarantee that some court herald, some day, will find new and
      interesting ways to mispronounce it, but avoiding a bad and common
      mispronounciation may be in your best interests. For example, if your
      name looks like a bodily function, and gets pronounced that way, you may
      not want that name, even if that isn't really what it means/sounds like.

      The "consulting herald" space on the form is not a requirement (at least
      in An Tir). It is put there so that the College has someone else to
      contact about your desires and wishes. For example, were you to list me
      as your consulting herald, the College could ask me what your intentions
      were without having to translate from herald-speak. Also, the consulting
      herald can be used as a gateway to talk to the submitter about other
      options, again, so that the College of Heralds can talk to someone who
      understands the rules and language and is willing and able to assist the
      submitter with any problems.

      Gael, if you'd like to contact me off list, I'd be willing to give the
      name a go. I'm not a great names herald, but I know people who are. You
      might also find out if your Kingdom has a heraldic email list. I know An
      Tir does, and we get questions from submitters all the time. It may be
      that the heralds you've emailed just don't have expertise in your
      particular culture/time period.

      I hope this is clearer than mud, and if anyone has any questions, please

      In Service to Lioncourt Manor and An Tir,
      Signora Beatrice Domenici della Campana, AoA
      Kingdom Chatelaine, An Tir

      In Service to the Dream and to An Tir,
      Signora Beatrice Domenici della Campana, AoA
      Reporting Deputy to the Kingdom Chatelaine
      -Argent, a lion rampant to sinister sable and in chief on two roses azure two roses argent.

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