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[SCA Newcomers] Re: garb questions

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  • Matt Snapp
    Although... Such a garmet would be good to make to donate to the Hospitaller s Chest, as it is more likely to find it s way home should it be misplaced.
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 16, 2004
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      Such a garmet would be good to make to donate to the Hospitaller's
      Chest, as it is more likely to find it's way home should it be
      misplaced. Donations of basic garb in the group's colors/with the
      group's badge will usually be gratefully accepted, especially if the
      group is in the midst of a 'growth spurt'.

      Alternatively, garb with the group's and Kingdom's badge as trim
      would make a great gift to the Baron or Baroness (for "taxes" and
      other "persona issues"). In some kingdoms, nobility are expected to
      provide 'largess' to those who have performed deeds of note, and such
      gifts are a way to help provision the baronial 'coffers'.

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      > In a message dated 11/13/2004 9:23:35 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      > dragonlady2188@y... writes:
      > <<One more question about trim (for now), would it be alright to
      > the barony/kingdom heraldric device (I think thats right..the
      > design, kinda. sry still not to good at terms) as trim?>>
      > I wouldn't, as it's traditional to mark items belonging to the
      group with
      > such trim - not sure if that's what it would mean in period, but in
      many SCA
      > groups, if people see something with the kingdom or barony coat of
      arms on it,
      > they are going to assume that it is ceremonial regalia and you
      either a) are a
      > bigwig in the kingdom/barony and have been issued the appropriate
      regalia to
      > wear; or b) are representing the royalty or the baron/baroness in
      some way by
      > wearing their regalia.
      > What you want to check for is if you kingdom has a "populace
      badge" - which
      > is a specific piece of heraldry designed to be worn by the people
      who live in
      > that kingdom. For instance, the arms of the East are a purple
      background with
      > a gold crown and a green laurel wreath outlined in gold, and are
      only used to
      > indicate the royalty and their representatives, but there is a
      populace badge
      > of a blue heraldic tiger (which doesn't look much like a real
      tiger) which
      > anyone can wear to indicate that they live in the east.
      > Brangwayna Morgan
      > Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      > Lancaster, PA
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