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Re: [SCA Newcomers] I want a Laurel of my very own!

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  • Tirloch O'Riordain
    Greetings, When someone uses the phrase my laurel (or knight or pelican), what they are saying is that they are apprenticed (or squired or protoge ed) to
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 4, 2004

      When someone uses the phrase "my laurel" (or knight or pelican), what
      they are saying is that they are apprenticed (or squired or protoge'ed)
      to that peer. It means that they are a member of that peer's household
      or inner circle. Also, some squires will take "men at arms", which also
      makes them a part of that squire's knight's household.

      As far as how you go about becoming an apprentice, that varies for each
      peer. Some will ask people to join their household, others will wait to
      be approached by someone. Most will be very gracious if you approach
      them and talk about the prospect. A very few will think that you should
      wait to be asked. If you are worried about how a certain peer may
      respond, take the intermediate step of asking them how they feel about
      people approaching them and asking to apprentice. Most will share their
      ideology on the subject.

      Also, how peers take apprentices and what they expect also greatly
      varies. Some consider it a teacher student relationship. Others consider
      it a matter of fealty and service. Some consider it a gracious
      condescension. Figure out what you would be comfortable with and find a
      peer who shares that belief system.

      I hope this helps.


      Kathleen Kinard wrote:

      > I have a question- and it's probably not a very good
      > one; I have friends in the SCA who refer to specific
      > Laurels as "thier" Laurel- I'm assuming this is a sort
      > of apprenticeship (in vary-ing degrees, no doubt) but
      > I've never been able to figure out how they GOT thier
      > Laurel! I do participate in A&S competitions, however
      > I have the ill-fated curse of being rather shy when I
      > first meet someone face to face... Is there another
      > good way anyone can suggest to gain the attention of a
      > Laurel? (for that matter, there ought to be an "Ask a
      > Laurel" yahoo group or something similar- that woudl
      > be such a big help!)
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