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Re: [SCA Newcomers] intro

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    In a message dated 8/31/2004 9:59:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, becca_price@yahoo.com writes:
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      In a message dated 8/31/2004 9:59:17 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      becca_price@... writes:

      <<Now, I understand, there is a great fighting household called
      Morningstar, and after 30+ years the joke is a bit thin - am I stuck
      with that name or can I change it? And does the award of arms travel
      with that name, or can I still use it as a different personna?>>

      Nope, you can change it. If it was registered with the College of Arms, then
      you register the new name and send them a request in writing to release the
      old name - and the old arms if you no longer want them either. A herald should
      be able to tell you the wording needed for the release request. The award of
      arms is yours, not your personas, so you still have it. They can
      cross-reference it to a new name.

      <<I used Elen (an archaic Welsh form of Ellen) ap Rhys (the Welsh form
      of my last name, Price) at Pennsic, and was told that just about
      everybody and his brother with a Welsh personna uses ap Rhys as a last
      name, and apparently there are some famous fighters that use ap Rhys.
      Does this mean I can't (or shouldn't) use 'ap Rhys'? >>

      Must be a Midrealm thing. Here in the East, I can't think of any using "ap
      Rhys". It's probably wouldn't be registerable today anyway since "ap Rhys"
      means "son of Rhys", and you are female, aren't you? If you aren't, I apologize.
      The feminine version would be "verch Rhys" or "ferch Rhys", meaning
      "daughter of". If it's a common name in the Midrealm then it just might be hard to
      register if someone else has registered either Elen ap Rhys or soemthing that
      sounds a lot like it. My husband used to go by Angus Campbell, but he couldn't
      register it because someone else had registered Aonghus of Clan Campbell.

      <<Also - at Pennsic, there was a Newcommer's workshop given on "The Well
      Dressed Newcomer" by Mistress Arianna Morgan - I wanted to attend,
      but couldn't make it due to other committments. Does anyone know how I
      can reach Mistress Arianna to get the handouts from the workshop?>>

      Hang on, I did go to the class. Let me see if I can find the handout...Found
      it, but it doesn't have her contact info on it. If you go to the
      pennsicwar.org page, click on the Pennsic 33 link, and then click on the "Staff" tab, you
      should be able to get contact info for the "Deputy Mayor in charge of
      Cultural Affairs" (ack ptui, what a name!), who may be able to put you in contact
      with her. I don't want to just scan them since she included copies of other
      people's webpages in the handout.

      <<lastly, I've been thinking about approaching an old friend who is a
      Laurel about apprenticing with her. I don't think I have the talent or
      the skills to become a Laurel, but it seems to me that such an
      apprenticeship would give me a structure and something to work on at
      events, since I'm not a fighter. Does this seem like a good idea, or
      are there implications of such an apprenticeship that I don't know
      about that could cause problems?>>

      I've never found apprenticing to be necessary to have something to do at an
      event, and although my husband is apprenticed, he attends very few of the same
      events as his Laurel, so he's usually on his own time. I usually just bring
      whatever sewing/craft project I'm owkring on with me, or help out in the
      kitchen, or whatever. Sometimes I just sit and chat with people and vegetate :-)
      Apprenticeships are usually a rather formal thing, so you might not want to
      take that route. There's no reason you can't ask her to teach you stuff withut
      being her apprentice, or, for that matter, become the student of someone who
      isn't a Laurel.

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA

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