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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Husband and wife personas

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  • Dianne & Greg Stucki
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      <<Even to competitions?! I dunno 'bout you, but I don;t think I'd be too

      Period clothing is also better at keeping you warm and keeping you dry than
      modern stuff. When I got to our big summer event this year, Pennsic, I
      expected to be able to wear shorts and T-shirts all day and into the evening until
      the day the event opened - we were there early to set up. Hah! It was about 60
      degrees the day we arrived, and people were showing up wearing jackets. I
      went straight into my period garb and was comfortable, even when we had frost
      one night, and when it got down to 37 degrees another night. On the night when
      we had pouring rain (I'll bet we had three inches of rain that night), I was
      out in the rain for a good half hour wearing a heavy coat wool gown over two
      linen gowns and a wool hood, and when I took the wool off, my linen clothes were
      completely dry underneath.>>

      I can second this. I attended my first Pennsic this year, and, knowing that nights can get chillly, I made sure I brought my wool cloak with me. I had two sleeping bags (one under me, one on top) so I didn't thnk to bring extra blankets. When I got cold, I put the cloak over my top sleeping bag.

      The night we got the three inches of rain (yes, it really was that much) I slipped in the middle of a DEEP puddle and landed on my knees, completely soaking my cloak. And still that night it draped over my sleeping bag and kept me WARM AND DRY.

      I love wool. Wool is wonderful. Buy more wool. ;-) If you truly hate it, buy linen. And raw silk is a wonderful fiber, and very inexpensive. Great for lower-class tunics and such.


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