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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Introduction and some questions (Irish persona/garb/names/dates)

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  • Alison Choyce
    HI Tara, Welcome! I m wondering if you attended the Hartshorn-dale newcomer s meeting. It is the Shire I hail from, and usually attend Newcomer s, but I had
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2004
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      HI Tara,

      Welcome! I'm wondering if you attended the Hartshorn-dale newcomer's
      meeting. It is the Shire I hail from, and usually attend Newcomer's, but I
      had too long and hard a week in the mundane world and didn't make it this
      time. There are some very friendly and knowledgeable people here.
      Hartshorn-dale is Montgomery and Chester counties, PA.

      There is a book on Irish garb titled "Dress in Ireland: a History" by
      Mairead Dunleavy. It covers Irish clothing from pre-SCA period to the
      Victorian era. There is a well researched chapter on the middle ages, and
      another chapter on the Renaissance. I have a copy and would bring it if you
      are local to me (contact me offlist).

      There is a very good webpage on Irish garb as well
      http://www.reconstructinghistory.com/ .
      From what I understand though, Irish garb in the middle ages tended to be
      like English garb but a little behind the times. Rather like going today
      going from a chic urban setting to a rural backroad area.

      You asked "do you generally pick a year within the allotted time range and
      your garb from there, or vice versa?" I think the answer is that you need
      to decide what gets your interest. Is there something from a specific time
      frame that interests you, or is there a style of garb that you really like.
      There are folks who do different types of garb as mood or the event dictate.

      As for names, there is a lady in this area who is very good at helping folks
      find a name that they like and is registerable.

      Take care & Good luck,
      Alison Wodehalle

      Ps. I too have a great interest in Arthurian legend.
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