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Introduction and some questions (Irish persona/garb/names/dates)

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  • KingArthursPiano@aol.com
    Hello all, I just went to a newcomers meeting last night and had a blast:) Everyone I met was very friendly and had their own area of esoteric knowledge!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2004
      Hello all,

      I just went to a newcomers' meeting last night and had a blast:) Everyone I
      met was very friendly and had their own area of esoteric knowledge! I've
      also found a lot of helpful information on the web, but it's a lot to sort

      I do have a couple of specific questions as I'm pretty sure what what I want
      to do concerning persona.

      Barring any real difficulty, I would like to create an Irish persona.
      However, most of the Irish clothing resources that I've found online date past the
      dates that I'm looking at to fit in for accuracy. I'm told that the best way
      to go about searching might actually be to simply find someone that does
      indeed play an Irish persona. I specifically need help concerning garb and name

      Also, do you generally pick a year within the alloted time range and make
      your garb from there, or vice versa?

      I also need a bit of help concerning heraldry. I've researched a family
      name (Conrey) and did come up with a root name that not only seems register-able
      but is from the exact place of my ancestors (yay!). I think I might
      actually have more difficulty with a first name.

      In general, I am also inclined to the bardic arts--poetry, music,
      writing--not quite sure where I want to go with that, but any links or general
      information would be helpful.

      I suppose my goal here is to get some specific help in developing an Irish
      persona and garb. Help! Where do I start?

      Ah-I suppose I should also introduce myself, by the way--my name is Tara,
      I'm 23, and I work in the publishing industry near Philadelphia, PA. I've
      extensively studied Arthurian legend from a literary perspective for the last
      five years and have a particular interest in the lives of women during medieval
      times (a burgeoning field of study and historical fiction as well). I've
      been out of college for more than a year and there I studied English (major) and
      music (minor). Hi!:)

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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