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Re: SCA Name/Coat of Arms

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  • chemistbb3
    The name restriction is for a Historically significant names. I am npot sure what would happen if you want to use a name that is actually listed on a roll
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2004
      The name restriction is for a "Historically significant" names. I am
      npot sure what would happen if you want to use a name that is
      actually listed on a roll somewhere, but I would not want to be the
      one to try it. The SCA actually allows for the inclusion of your a
      part of legal name as one element of your SCA name, even though it
      would be an exception to the normal rules. There are even some folks
      that have gone so far as to have their name legaly changed to take
      advantage of this exception.

      As to the coat of arms question. First, are you actually entitled by
      law to the use of your family's Coat of Arms? (Note that there are
      mundane legal issues in taking a mundanely registered Coat of Arms
      and using it as your own if you are not entitled to it. You can get
      sued by Govenment backed organizations.) Normally, the answer to
      this is no. Secondly, even if you are, I am not aware of any case
      where the SCA has allowed a protected Coat of Arms to be registered
      even by their rightful owner. This does not mean you can not use
      elements of that Coat of Arms in your own device, as long as they are
      not restricted by the SCA.


      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "dubleqwik" <DubleQwik@h...>
      > Good Evening to All...
      > Shame on me for taking the easy way out, but I thought to get quick
      > answers to several questions. These concern selection of an SCA
      > & subsequently a coat-of-arms.
      > First...My own family name is very well documented as being around
      > Medieval England. Is there anything that prevents me from using
      > Second...what restrictions are placed on adaptations of an actual
      > coat-of-arms?
      > Regards,
      > Stefan
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