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Re: [SCA Newcomers] making a group up

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  • Iustinos Tekton called Justin
    ... The short answer is, you couldn t make it a registered or legal household in the SCA. But the reason may surprise you: There is no such thing as a
    Message 1 of 2 , May 13, 2004
      On Thursday 13 May 2004 14:00, Zeek the Tradesman wrote:
      > I was approached by some friends that would like to get a group
      > started that is like a thiefs guild, similar to the irbsc
      > (international brotherhood of rogues, scoundrels, and cads) (which we
      > all belong to.) but we were wondering if this group could become
      > a "legal" or "registered" house in the sca. mayhaps under the
      > disguise of a merchants guild or something of that nature.  yes it is
      > very "D & D", we just wondered if this was possible.

      The short answer is, you couldn't make it a registered or legal household
      in the SCA.

      But the reason may surprise you: There is no such thing as a registered or
      legal household in the SCA. Households are, by definition, groups of
      private individuals who choose to associate with one another. You don't
      become "a household in the SCA", you just become "a household whose members
      participate in the SCA".

      To become a household, you have to have one or more people who declare
      that they are a household. That's about it. :-)

      (Take a look at the SCA Governing Documents, available as a PDF file from
      the sca.org web site. This document mentions households in passing and
      explains pretty much what I've said above, but in fewer words.)

      Now, that being said....

      You cannot register heraldry to be owned by the household itself, because
      the SCA doesn't officially recognize households (see above). BUT, the
      SCA does allow individual humans to register more than one name for
      themselves, and it allows more than one heraldic badge per person as

      What most households do is to have their founder or other leader-type
      person, someone who's going to be reliably available in the future,
      submit heraldry for the household name and badge under his or her own
      name. When you create the household's heraldry, you simply make a badge
      that is *not* fieldless as they usually are. It's registered as such,
      i.e., a badge and not a device, but when you draw it, you draw it on
      something that, ohhhh, just "happens" to be shaped like a shield, since
      badges don't have a defined shape for their background.

      > we would be a street performing group that did acts like stealing
      > from vendors, we would first pay for said item and talk it over with
      > the vendors, all prearranged. and then have fights with the militia,
      > not in the crowd but in certain safe areas deemed good by the local
      > law and safty guros.

      Make sure that you not only make the merchants aware of this, but also
      talk in advance with the Autocrat and the sanctioning Seneschal for any
      events where you want to do this schtick. There may be concerns not about
      what *you* would do, but about what you might inspire *others* to do
      who aren't in on the joke (especially kids).

      Also, I can tell you as someone who has friends who are merchants, that
      however much you may mean this to be all in good fun, the merchants lose
      an amazing amount of stuff to "five-finger discounts", and they may not
      think the joke is very funny.

      Basically, the SCA doesn't stop you from doing something like this as long
      as you're not actually stealing, but it may be ill-advised. There are other
      ways to be roguish without actually being a thief, just as there are ladies
      who are in courtesan and wench guilds but are not actually prostitutes.
      Think creatively. :-)

      Incidentally, the SCA *does* explicitly ban activities, even in jest, that
      trivialize or emulate slavery, so as not to offend the many SCA members
      whose ancestors have endured such horrors in the real world.


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