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Re: [SCA Newcomers] good eve, m'lords, m'ladies

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  • Mericke MacDonald
    Maybe you should gently tactfully remind your parents that many young people your age are into drugs drinking gangs and casual sex. There are much more
    Message 1 of 4 , May 7, 2004
      Maybe you should gently tactfully remind your parents that many young
      people your age are into drugs drinking gangs and casual sex. There
      are much more dangerous and unhealthy hobbies than sewing making
      beads singing and rooting for guys with sticks.

      Best of luck!

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "Mackenzie" <prettypysanky@y...>
      > > Welcome. I'm not sure if you're already thinking of an English
      > persona, but
      > > have you thought about looking at Hungarian names, due to your
      > interest in
      > > pysanky? There are sites to research Hungarian names.
      > > http://www.panix.com/~mittle/names/ This is the website for St.
      > Gabriels
      > > and there is a place for hungarian as well as many other cultures.
      > Yeah, I want an English persona for now, just because that's the
      > history I'm most familiar with (aside from US). I probably will
      > a Ukrainian or Russian one eventually though.
      > > It sounds like you will fit right in. I'm sure you know that the
      > Pennsic
      > > War is held in your Barony (mundanely in Slippery Rock). It is
      > > "Debatable Land" over which a war is fought every summer between
      > > Kingdoms of the East and the Middle. It is a great deal of fun.
      > I'm not
      > > sure of your age, but you do need to be 18 to attend without your
      > parents.
      > Yes, I know it is fought near here. I should be going this summer,
      > but does it have to be parents or can my parents sign a permission
      > form? My mom's cousin (she's my mom's age) said she'd take me with
      > her, but my mom doesn't like medieval stuff (she thinks I'm nuts)
      > my mom would *never* let my dad go with her cousin(divorce=feud),
      > though maybe I could pretend he wasn't hanging out with her
      > (scheming).
      > > There are many folks who have Japanese personas in the SCA, so
      > maybe your
      > > friend will enjoy looking into that as well.
      > I'msitting in school and I read that to my friend and she said she
      > might not be able to join because her parents may not let her.
      > She'll be 18 before I will.
      > > Have fun, and hope to meet you some day,
      > > Alison Wodehalle
      > > Shire of Hartshorn-dale, East Kingdom
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Date: Sat, 01 May 2004 03:38:27 -0000
      > > From: "Mackenzie" <prettypysanky@y...>
      > > Subject: good eve, m'lords, m'ladies
      > >
      > > ^ lmao hehehe...can't believe i said that online (not saying i
      > > wouldn't say it in person...)
      > >
      > > I'm not actually in the SCA yet because my parents aren't into it
      > > they wouldn't take me, but I've been researching since I found out
      > > about it in Nov. 2002 (yes, lots of research--enough that I did a
      > > research paper on 12th century english garb from memory). I've
      > > chosen my given name(Cassandra), but I'm still trying to come up
      > > with a surname (probably something with eggs, sewing, or scribal
      > > arts--I doubt they could be combined). The eggs is because I
      > > practice the ancient art of pysanky that was definitely around in
      > > medieval times, and the scribal arts because I've been doing
      > > calligraphy for 5 years. And sewing because I like sewing. A
      > >
      > > When I join, I've got my two best friends from school are going to
      > > join with me because we all like medieval stuff (I think I like it
      > > most of the 3 of us, one girl is more into Japan and vampires and
      > > the other is into being a hardcore fan of punk rock...note to
      > > tell her "kickass!" wasn't the expression of choice in medieval
      > > times).
      > >
      > > I live in the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, specifically the Barony
      > > of the Debatable Lands and I forget who our new king is *oops.*
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