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  • Rhys
    I beg to differ with only one point. Boffers don t leave nasty bruises or cuts if they are being used right and have been inspected. The only lasting and
    Message 1 of 4 , May 2, 2004
      I beg to differ with only one point. Boffers don't leave nasty bruises or
      cuts if they are being used right and have been inspected. The only
      lasting and visible scar I ever received in fighting was not with heavy,
      light, or even shi-nai but with a boffer! The Marshal's had okayed a
      boffer with a thrusting tip that had NO tip protection besides a layer
      of duct tape over the end of the cut pvc. It was found when the lord
      handling it caught me in the face with a blind sided thrust and left a 2
      inch cut through my eyebrow.

      So, normally we don't get hurt. But things can happen. And in the
      Northern Outpost we used to have grand melee with boffers where
      everyone would be involved. :)

      It's a fun break from sitting on the sidelines.

      In Service,
      Lord Rhys Aiden Bifjord

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      > > I'm not too keen on getting struck with a rattan, or anything hard,
      > > being rattled arounf in armor, I have heard that boffer weapons are
      > > used and I have heard that the SCA laughs at that, whats the truth?
      > My children play with the boffers and I've gotten out there playing
      > with them too --- BTW they CAN hurt but don't leave bruises/cuts.
      > It's true that heavy fighting can leave some nasty bruises,
      > particularly when sparring with a newcomer or until you have more
      > experience yourself - but it is fun. As others have mentioned there
      > are many marshall activities to choose from if you dont' want to wear
      > armor. Rapier is fun, but it does require a certain level of
      > physical fitness, you need padding/protection and you DO get bruised
      > a bit (been there!) Don't forget archery, thrown weapons and combat
      > archery. Unfortunately, much of what you can do is limited by what
      > is available nearby; however that doesn't stop you from finding like
      > minded individuals to start it up in your locale. If you ride, there
      > are also equestrian games - LOTS of fun! (If you've ever seen the
      > movie "Knight's Tale" the practice session in the woods with the
      > swinging shield/sand bag is the equivalent of the quintain "game.")
      > If you choose not to fight at all, that's okay too! There is sSOOOO
      > much to do in the SCA. We've only been doing this for 2 years and I
      > forsee at least 5 more before we've "sampled" everything. Even
      > though my persona is 12th c. Norman-English(Saxon), it doesn't stop
      > me from playing at rapier and I'd like to try belly-dancing next!
      > The best advice I can give is to try it before you decide. Most
      > groups will loan you some gear to give it a try at fighter practice
      > (heavy or rapier), before you invest in your own kit.
      > ~ Ysolt de la Mere
      > Barony of Caer Mear, Atlantia
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      > fleur-de-lis or."
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