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  • Kathy Greer
    Here is some more information about sources of material for newsletters. From: Stefan li Rous Subject: Stefan s files for April
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2004
      Here is some more information about sources of material for newsletters.

      From: Stefan li Rous <StefanliRous@...>
      Subject: Stefan's files for April
      Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 20:34:36 -0500


      Here is a copy of my Florilegium article for April, detailing what
      new in the Florilegium this month.

      If you are the editor of an SCA newsletter and would like to get a
      of this article several weeks in advance so you can meet your
      leadtimes, please get in touch with me. I also produce a version of
      this article formatted for posting on SCA oriented websites and if
      would like that, again just contact me by email.

      If you have any comments, suggestions or criticisms about the
      Florilegium, please feel free to contact me.

      A Blending of the Past and Present

      Over the past fourteen years in an ongoing effort, I have been
      collecting bits of useful information from various newsgroups, mail
      lists and articles submitted to me by their authors. In order to
      this information available to others, I have placed this information
      a series of files I call Stefan's Florilegium.

      The Florilegium is on the web at: http://www.florilegium.org

      I am always interested in new articles. If you have written an
      that would be of interest to others in the SCA, please send it to me
      for possible inclusion in the Florilegium. Contact me for more

      I am also interested in volunteers who might be interested in
      me maintain the Florilegium. Everything from collecting materials,
      editing and web work is needed. Again, please contact me for more

      THLord Stefan li Rous Ansteorra stefan@...

      Here are the new files for this month:
      Under ANIMALS:
      warhorse-size-art "A Refutation of the Myth of the Giant
      Medieval Warhorse" by Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP
      Under CRAFTS:
      mkng-a-p-lathe-art "An Easily Made Primitive Lathe"
      by Master Magnus Malleus.
      Under CULTURES:
      Scandinavia-lnks Web links to medieval Scandinavia
      by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.
      Under FOOD-BY-REGION:
      fd-Mer-Gaul-rv-art A review by Raymond Van Dam of "Creating
      Community with Food and Drink in Merovingian
      Charlemagne-lnks Web links to information on Charlemagne
      by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.
      Welser-family-bib A bibliography on the German Welser family.
      masks-mumming-lnks Web links to medieval masks, mumming and
      Masques by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.
      juniper-beries-msg Period use of juniper berries.

      And this month's updated files include:
      peacocks-msg Serving peacock sotelties safely.
      aphrodisiacs-msg Medieval aphrodisiacs.
      baklava-msg Period baklava-like layered pastries.
      cookbooks-bib Cookbook bib. by Mistress Jaelle of Armida.
      East-Eur-msg Eastern Europe. Poles, Czechs, Bohemia.
      eggplant-msg Period eggplant (aubergine). Recipes.
      exotic-meats-msg Period and SCA exotic meats. Swans, ostrich,
      crawfish, dormice, cat.
      feasts-fish-msg Serving fish at SCA feasts.
      fowls-a-birds-msg Period fowls and birds. Period Chickens.
      fruit-quinces-msg Period uses and recipes for quinces.
      sops-msg Slices of bread soaked in a sauce.
      trenchers-msg Wooden and bread trenchers. Plates.
      whole-pig-msg Info. on roasting a whole pig. Experiences.
      Copyright 2004, Mark S. Harris.
      Permission to reprint in SCA-related publications is hereby granted
      the contents are left unchanged and the author is notified of the
      publication. Notification may be by email and reformatting is

      THLord Stefan li Rous Barony of Bryn Gwlad Kingdom of Ansteorra
      Mark S. Harris Austin, Texas
      **** See Stefan's Florilegium files at: http://www.florilegium.org

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      From: Iustinos Tekton called Justin
      To: SCAnewcomers@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 2004 9:15 AM
      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Fwd: Newsletter articles

      Posting to the list, by permission of Milica.


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      Subject: Newsletter articles
      Date: Tuesday 27 April 2004 09:43
      From: Milica of Varna <milica@...>
      To: psychovoices@...

      Greetings M'lord!

      Justin forwarded your message to me regarding finding sources for newsletter
      articles. It is difficult to find good material, but not impossible. I
      encourage the chroniclers in our area to share with each other. If you can
      get access to the newsletters of your region or kingdom, you can find a
      wealth of material. That said, it is absolutely necessary to ask for and
      receive permission to reprint any article - that goes for those found on the
      internet. In the Midrealm, we have to have that permission in writing. It's a
      pain, but it's there to protect you from litigation. After all, stealing
      someone else's scholarship may be period but it's not very chivalrous. :-)

      There used to be a source called TAAP (The Ancient Associated Press) run by a
      marvelous lady named THL Heirusalem Chrystoma. This was a source of both
      articles and artwork on all manner of subjects of interest to the SCA. All
      were free for use. I don't know if the material is still available, but it
      would be worth a few clicks on Google.

      Lastly, you can find all sorts of online newsletters on the internet. Many
      have wonderful articles in them. Mostimes you need only ask permission and
      then provide a copy of the newsletter in which their article is published.

      Hope this helps. Chroniclers, to my mind, are the unsung heroes of the SCA.
      The countless hours that you spend are rarely rewarded but are always
      appreciated by those who depend on you for their information. Thanks for
      serving your group in this capacity. It matters.

      In service,


      THL Milica of Varna
      Middle Kingdom Chronicler



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