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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Refugees from Other Reenacting Eras?

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  • Iustinos Tekton called Justin
    ... Personally, the only historical group with which I ve ever played is the SCA. But there is a *lot* of crossover with other groups in this area (northeast
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 23, 2004
      On Thursday 22 April 2004 21:45, dubleqwik wrote:
      > I would be very interested to know how many on this list have
      > migrated to the SCA from other reenacting time periods (Revy War, CW,
      > WWII, etc.).  I, personally, have reenacted for years as a Southron
      > Soldier of the American Civil War....am now seriously considering
      > stepping back several centuries.  Any other refugees that would care
      > to share their experiences?

      Personally, the only historical group with which I've ever played is the
      SCA. But there is a *lot* of crossover with other groups in this area
      (northeast Ohio). A member of my household does SCA and Rendezvous; others
      in the area do SCA and Civil War, SCA and Rendezvous, and so forth. They
      typically don't become "refugees" in the sense of moving from one group
      to the other, but rather continue to be active in both. It's just a matter
      of accepting each organization on its own terms. Different games for
      different days, all fun.

      Likewise, there's quite a bit of crossover between SCA and various fantasy/
      SF/LARP groups in this area. SCA/Dagorhir, SCA/Fandom, SCA/RPG...all
      commonplace. I don't wear my NASA coveralls at SCA events, and I refuse
      to wear SCA garb to an SF con (even though technically that is allowed --
      it's just that I go to SF events to do SF, not SCA...personal choice).

      The bottom line is, don't feel you have to make a choice. Do both, but
      understand that the way people play in different groups will be different,
      especially with regard to authenticity expectations. When in Rome, do as
      the Romans do...for both groups. :-)


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