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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Device Submissions

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  • David Ternes
    ... I ll jump on this one ... with the caveat that my knowledge is from the Middle Kingdom. Check Resubmission . If you select New they will expect a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2004
      Avelina Dragon wrote:

      > Okay, we've been talking about Devices and such. I was at the Herald's
      > table this weekend, to propose a new device because my previous one was
      > turned down. This time, they went over my proposal carefully, to insure
      > there were no conflicts with any of the devices already registered up to
      > 2001. So, as such, I know that my device could still end up being rejected.
      > Here is the problem. I have the form to fill out, and this IS a
      > resubmission. So, what I need to know is which boxes under Action Type I
      > need to check. The herald that assisted me, checked new submission, and all
      > though it's a complete rework of what I did, I know that resubmissions they
      > don't charge you for. So, do I check Change? And do I check resubmission
      > to Laurel or Kingdom level? They also suggested using crayola markers
      > because printers don't all print the same colors, but my device is rather
      > simple, so I'm still gonna use my printer, and then I'll paste the printed
      > copy onto my submission form, and then make copies of that. But, as I said,
      > I want to make sure that this is a resubmission, so I need to know what
      > boxes to check on the form for the West Kingdom's device submission form.

      I'll jump on this one ... with the caveat that my knowledge is from the Middle

      Check "Resubmission". If you select "New" they will expect a payment. A
      resubmission made within one year is free. The "Change" option is used if you
      are submitting additional armory and either want to discard a previous device
      or change that device to a badge.

      If your previous submission was rejected at the Kingdom level, check "Kingdom"
      under Resubmission. If it was rejected by Laurel, check "Laurel".

      There is, from what I have heard, a dislike of computer printed graphics on
      submissions. At least some of this is because common computer inks tend to
      fade or discolor rather quickly. The Middle Kingdom Pursuivant's Handbook
      lists Crayola Classic Color Markers as the "officially-sanctioned SCA heraldic


      Shire of Shadowed Stars
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